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Noxidian's 2014 Art Summary

It's been an artistic year for me *v*

Jan: I was inspired by Sarilain and mass produced a bunch of ugly cheebs 

Feb: I was inspired by Squishy Star and made 2 chibis that month lol

Mar: I got my first tablet (more like a pen pad) called a VT Pen Pad.  It's bendy and soft! uwu I made a bunch of ugly head shots that month ;;

Apr: After upgrading to windows 8.1, my Pen Pad couldn't support my computer and pressure sensitivity went bye bye.  I made a few drawings that month.

May: Lost motivation to draw since I had no tablet, but I sketched a little.

Jun: I bought a Wacom and studied up on anatomy.  I was waiting for the day to register for dA.  Technically, this was the month I began to take drawing seriously.

Jul: I drew mad crazy this month.

Aug: From my shoulder down to my wrist, it ached so much I could barely draw.  I did a ton of chibi sketches on gaia to relieve some stress.


Oct: Didn't draw very much but it's been a progressive month.


Dec: Hurrah

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Byebi's avatar
improvement being made so fast even sanic is impressed like wow
bunni-mi's avatar
Hehe thank you!
Wooozle-Woo's avatar
holy wow the last one is SUPER good especially for someone of your age! if you pursue art i can tell you will be very skilled
bunni-mi's avatar
Aah thank you! ;v;
RanniPann's avatar
bunni-mi's avatar
THANKS~ Nov. seems to be the favorite here haha
manly-unicorn's avatar
impressive improvement *_*
bunni-mi's avatar
Thank you! *v*
terra-adopts's avatar
This is the most amazing progress I've seen in a year, I'm so jealous!
bunni-mi's avatar
Thanks!! 8)) 
LexiiDear's avatar
Oh my gosh this is such an inspirational art journey o-o
You've come so far in just a year, great job ^^
bunni-mi's avatar
Thank you!  Took me quite some up and downs with my self-esteem @ _ @" Glad I persistently tried though!
poppuki's avatar
Unreal. This is amazing. Great job bby
bunni-mi's avatar
Ooh I'm flattered /// Thank you!
pastyllia's avatar
wow, that improvement!! *w* good job!! <33
bunni-mi's avatar
oo thanks ^v^//!
xMatoKuroix's avatar
That's a gigantic improvement, cute art!
bunni-mi's avatar
littl3miss-n1ghtmare's avatar
Awww I love November ! >ω<
bunni-mi's avatar
oo Thanks~ ^q^
littl3miss-n1ghtmare's avatar
You're welcome ! >ω<
Remiaro's avatar
You improved quite a lot over the span of a year :) Keep at it!
bunni-mi's avatar
ooh thank you! 8))
Sugary-Stardust's avatar
You improved more in one year than I have in, like, four XD
Great job! ^^
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