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[  C A R N I V O R E . E A T E N ]

Making a whole new creepy family called the Eatens Family. 
The Eatens Family Kickstarter

This is Carnivore, also known as Carn, is eldest of the Eatens family. He runs a local butcher shop
and claims to have the finest and largest selection of meats in the whole countryside.
Some of his meats are quite rare and exotic and locals testify they’ve never tasted anything like it.

But be warned, rumor has it that if you talk bad about his meat
or say some other type of food is better than meat, you might end up next on his menu.

"Welcome! Welcome! What can I get you today? Hehe~" 

Enamel Pins, Washi Tape, Prints, Keychains, and Stickers of this creepy family all available in the Kickstarter!
Art and Design by (c) BunMuffin 
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