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This is a script style chat.
Toddler!had a nightmare!caligulasAquarium [CA] joined chat. ~~ 1 ~~
twinArmageddons [TA] joined chat. ~~ 2 ~~
CA: *opening your door slightly* s-sol...?
TA: *Look2 down 2miiliing* Hii buddy
TA: you ok?
CA: *he shook his head, looking down*
CA: I had a bad dream...
TA: aww, dont worry, tell me what happened *he 2ay2 a2 he piick2 eriidan up and 2iit2 down, puttiing hiim on hii2 lap*
CA: *he clung to sol, shaking his head* I c-can't really remember now...
TA: 2hh, iit2 ok, you dont need two tell me *he 2miiled and kii22ed hii2 forehead*
CA: I-I d-don't wwanna g-go back to my room...
TA: wanna go two miine?
CA: *he nodded, burying his face in sol's chest*
TA: ok, come on *he cooed a2 he piicked hiim up and carriied hiim two hii2 room*
CA: *he nodded again, curling into sol* I'm s-sorry
TA: iit2 ok! iit2 not your fault *he 2miiled*
CA: P-promise? *looking up at him*
TA: of cour2e 2weetheat
CA: *he nodded, resting his head against sol's chest*
TA: *he chu
:iconbuna28:buna28 0 0
Armin's POV ('death' of Eren)
    I looked up from the warm, nauseating mouth of the titan that had just taken me. "Its over...." I choked, "Its all over.... I never saw the outside world.... I was..." My tears welled up inside of me. I saw the light closing out. I pryed my eyes shut, knowing my fate. The titan didn't bite down on me, I'm still going here. I wish that the titan did bite me. I would rather be dead then have this memory inside of me....
    "ARMIN!" I heard a pleading call. "W-what?!" I panicked. The light opened back up. I saw a shadowy figure above me. "E-Eren!" I shouted. He reached down and grabbed me. I was out. He threw me onto a roof of a decaying cottage... But at what cost? My poor friend... My childhood friend is gone.  
:iconbuna28:buna28 1 0
Beanie by buna28 Beanie :iconbuna28:buna28 1 1
Do You Wanna Share Some Cheesecake?
Do you wanna share some cheesecake?
I made it by myself!
I think that you are really sweet >.<
Get off your feet!
Don't leave me on the shelf~!
I thought you were my partner....
We meshed real well
I guess that I understand....
Do you wanna share some cheesecake?
*muffled against door* Or we could make another cheesecake!
*Hoody* G-go away Masky!
*masky* Alright, bye....
*a year passes and hoody has not yet talked with masky. Masky runs up to the door and knocks.*
Do you want to share some cheesekake?
This one's been here since last june~
*masky chuckles* 
Just kidding, now i made another one!
I'm not that dumb,
I'm not really dumb at all~!
Op-er-at-or's been asking,
about where you've been...
I cant do this by myself!
*to Slenderman* 
Hes still not out.
*A few more years pass. Masky walks by Hoody's room, glances at it, and decides not to try anymore. A few months after this, Masky is wearing all black. He slowly approaches Hoody's door and knocks
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As Pirates Often Do by buna28 As Pirates Often Do :iconbuna28:buna28 1 2 Human Nepeta! by buna28 Human Nepeta! :iconbuna28:buna28 0 0 Ursula The Sea Witch by buna28 Ursula The Sea Witch :iconbuna28:buna28 0 0 SWAPSIES! by buna28 SWAPSIES! :iconbuna28:buna28 0 0 Whos The Triangle Guy, Dip? by buna28 Whos The Triangle Guy, Dip? :iconbuna28:buna28 1 0 Mabel Pines by buna28 Mabel Pines :iconbuna28:buna28 1 3 Swag by buna28 Swag :iconbuna28:buna28 1 4 Water, Still Water. by buna28 Water, Still Water. :iconbuna28:buna28 0 0 Water, Still Water. by buna28 Water, Still Water. :iconbuna28:buna28 2 0 Pinkies Thoughts by buna28 Pinkies Thoughts :iconbuna28:buna28 2 2 Fondant Cake Log by buna28 Fondant Cake Log :iconbuna28:buna28 1 0


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Amanda, or Mander, or whatever
I love AOT
I draw anything i want to bub C:
i love yhu :iconbigsmileplz:
:iconheidibear1000: Did my deviantID so go check her page out :iconpervysolluxplz:
Have a nice day
I ate all your cheesecakes while you read my bio
all i did today was watch ouran, draw fanart of ouran, work on my haruhi cosplay for ouran and take quizzes on ouran. damn that hikaru ^u^



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