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i need to shoot!!! im craving to shoot!!!.
as the tittle go.
i want my kite to fly away as far away as it can fly and never to forget me.
11th and 12th of may!
hello all. how are you?
life has been great. im enjoying sch thou the piles of assignment iv got and the projects that are coming up. project pilot deadlines are near and also me and luthfie are now working on a film about our culture. bought the chems for b&w developing and im gonna save up for a enlarger. haha. btw 2 of my pics got into noise singapore. 2 got into some newspaper articles and my gf just won best picture for a competition! and also another of her pic got shortlisted in the same competition too. congrats :iconblush-ed: thanks god! and love u nur zawanah

here are my pics that got into noise singapore……
btw i just got to know that 5 out of 13 of my pics were selected for judges choice. for more info go to and search 'bum' under artist.
do have a look and vote for the pictures u like

and yes i just got to know that my set of pics got best pics of the week. details at click on winners

hey guys.. pls check out

my pictures from Noise Singapore got into IDN magazine and also my film for Project Pilot got selected to represent my collage!. look out for Obscura singaporeans on Arts Central and just got to know that the film is gonna be in Gineva Film Festival

and yeah!.. iv got an enlarger too already.

thanks and love u nurzawanah.
in life you can't get all that you want even thou you work hard for it. but there's always miracles.
-here's a phrase iv fallen in love with and something that i feel i am and something that i can reflect too. its by my scriptwritting lecturer aka my gangster boss aka OCBC(orang cina bukan cina) aka baba 'SODOK'. kelvin if you'r reading this, im sorry hahaha.

"At a young age I'd become aware of what a dangerous world we live in. It began to occur to me that I may not live very long. So, I decided if that be the case, I should dedicate my life to doing what I felt needs to be done that I felt had more meaning. Art was the obvious choice."

-here are some others by him

"My writing mirrors the trauma of not so much being Singaporean, but being a human caught between different voices and narratives. It's a constant obsession of mine that the voices say that true existing is always a lot more disturbing than we'd like to admit. Which is why I have no regard for Artists who take the easy way out. It reflects their insincerity to everything."  
                                                    Kelvin Tan

"The challenge of every probing artist is to plumb the depths and the layers of artistic existence and Art. Depth and depth of introspection is vital. A need to resist a superficial and shallow world. To me, self-actualization begins with an embracing of depth.."  
                                                    Kelvin Tan

lastly, i love Nur Zawanah and thats final.:):):)
hi ppl.. just to inform u my old acct is having probs.. someone actually changed my password.. :iconbumortic: :(