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Never seen myself to be much of a writer, and I guess my journal is definitely a victim of that flaw of mine. But since my last entry is now tragically outdated, I better put some fresh news out here so that my profile page actually becomes more relevant to my current progress. Or something!

Several weeks back I decided to slow down the production of my pokémon strips. While I've never been running by a schedule, I was set on posting one strip a week, but that too eventually became too much for me. So while I may consider myself webcomic material in terms of looks and style, I'm not in terms of effort or spirit. Thus, all updates will be irregular, ranging from one week to several. Maybe even shorter, but most unlikely! So if some of you wondered why there were no comic made in, oh let's say, a month, this is the reason. Why I ended up being late with this news bulletin is that everyone on dA is notified when something new is posted anyway, so therefore, the comic will keep track of you and not the other way around. Which is a solution most excellent.

I've also bought a scanner. Its purpose within my grand scheme will soon be revealed to myself, but for now, I'm working on making my sketches and doodles improve in quality so that the outlines can be used directly from the scanned image and not merely used as guidance to draw the outlines again with my tablet. If one wonders how scanned drawings can immediately be transformed into fully isolated lineart, a full guide about this electronic witchcraft have been made by Kelly Turnbull over at Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, and I can attest that it works. So if I can sharpen my pencil skills, then this can very well come in handy (pun sort of not intended).

Other news include that I'm currently watching all seasons of Batman: The Animated Series in its entirety. It is grand, and a great source of inspiration, as well as a partial nostalgia trip.

And to finish things off, I should make a shoutout for :icontinysnail:,  a talented artist and a genuine master of cute and sweet drawings. Have some images to make my claim somewhat more believable:

Banjo Piggy by tinysnail Charmander by tinysnail nerd bear by tinysnail modern disney girls by tinysnail

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Time to unite!

4 min read
Smackjeeves Webcomics are currently holding its second Official Awards, where a great bunch of comics in different categories are being voted for, some of them also having its base here on dA as well! It's open for everyone to drop by and affect the polls until August 15th, so I figured I'd post some of my own recommendations here:

:iconpettyartist: A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge - Leafgreen edition, nominated for Best Gaming. A large bunch of you people probably already know about its existence, but if you don't, then check it out and be engulfed in a story about friendship, sorrow and pride. And insane monster battles. Can't have enough of those.

:iconobstinatemelon: FF7 - The Sevening, nominated for Best Fan Comic. I don't know how many Final Fantasy nuts there are among you, but I sure am! Plenty of comics ridiculing these games in a chronological manner has both risen and fallen, with questionable results, but Melon's take on the FF7 universe has been handled surprisingly well! Excellently drawn, great sense for pointing out faulty logic, and lots and lots of references to spice things up. All you need to do is to get used to the iffy dialogue windows and the first three pages who are too cheesy for their own good, the rest will be a most pleasant method to kill your free time. Slowly and delightfully.

Phuzzy comics, nominated for Best Gag-A-Day, and Best Autobiographical for that matter. It's a small and neat comic with its own unique and twisted view of the world as we know it, and after plowing through her archive I can recommend the rest of you to do the same. I mean just look at this one. Masterpiece.

That's only some of them though, if you look through the nominees you just might land yourself a comic to follow and cheer for yourself. Or you can vote for Rarecandy Treatment, seeing as it's nominated for Best Gaming, Best Fan Comic and Best Gag-A-Day. It's not like I recommended those three comics in an indirect attempt to cast attention to my own comic because that's just a silly idea I mean who would ever do that ahaHAHAha


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Summer break!

2 min read
There is currently no strip ready for the next update. With the previous weeked leaving less time to work on my strips, and with the following weekend being occupied as well, I will do what I assume any sane person would do and EXTEND the hiatus. Afterwards, it is my belief that my creative juices have been fully replentished and my motivation completely restored to continue with the comic strip crafting. Time will tell just how much of this theory was inaccurate.

It should be mentioned that this is not a dry spell of comic ideas, as I still have several stacks of material to work with. Plenty of air left to keep this abomination aloft!

I might post some smaller artworks on here as usual, but when it comes to the strips, see you all July 15th!

Edit: Later realised that we're not, in fact, in the middle of June and that 1st July is this Friday. The date has been edited, and I'm firing my secretary.

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But to refer back to my older entry about the Grainy Previews vs Quality Spoilers dilemma, the result you have already seen for yourselves as the newer comics weren't cropped in preview. For most of you guys and gals, the change wasn't a big of a deal, but there were also several who voiced their concern about the visual drawbacks, and I ended up leaning towrds the latter. I've gotten comments of how even though my humor doesn't always come through, people still appreciate the actual appearance of the strips. Combined with how this site is meant for artworks, cutting down on the quality didn't sound right either. SO THUS no change will be made. Unless I discover some format that doesn't turn my strips into Fuzzy McPixel, then I might reconsider.

Was going to start working on the next Monday update, but I ended up looking through :iconyufei:'s favorite collection instead. So if anything, I consider it an investment in future drawing, because I ended up feeling more inspired and daring. My own favorite collection is my pride and joy though, so I encourage everyone to check it out. Either that or explore Yufei's gallery, the art found there is a joy to behold.

Anyhow, the next RCT strip is already finished. But to have any hope to maintain a solid and consistent updating schedule, I'm afraid it will have to spend more time within my murky harddrive before I release it from my dark clutches on Friday. Or Saturday in dA time. Anticipate it!

In other news, Otomata is a really cool internet thingy I got linked to earlier. Throw 4-6 tunes in there and then leave it in a tab and listen to the music it generates. It's nifty and interesting and I like it a bunch, especially when I work or browse the webs, so I hope some of you may enjoy it as well.

Bummer out.

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Preview images

3 min read
If you saw today's update on your dA watch, you may have noticed that it was a small preview image instead of a shrunken picture of the whole comic. Because as things happen to be, it was!

I've been told before how the shrunken previews has made people aware of what the final panel would entail, so when I saw another comic who completely bypassed this problem by making a preview image of its own, I wanted to get in on it. But the FAQ revealed nothing, so I funneled away a ticket with my discovered example, and got the following reply by Ikue:

"Thanks for your inquiry. Certain files require a preview image. This users deviation is a gif file that is larger than 150 pixels so it requires a preview image. If you are just uploading a png or jpeg of your comic you will not be required to provide a preview."

The Submission windows put this in other words:

"If your file is a JPG or PNG image of any size, or GIF image smaller than 150x150 pixels, then the preview file is not required. All other filetypes, however, must have a separate preview image."

There you have it. So what does this internet mumbo actually mean? All of my future comics won't become spoiler'd, but it also means that the comics you get to see will be less of quality. The file format currently in use is GIF, which do manage to butcher the strip by the use of grainy textures, but I looked around other file types as well aaaand I didn't get them to work (bmp didn't require preview, pdf had to be downloaded, etc). So if anyone else who has known about this feature before and have an absolutely smashing file type which works with it, then I'm all ears.


If you're dissatisfied with this horrendous twist of events, then post a comment here. If you like it, then post a comment here. If you possibly couldn't care any less regardless if you were at gunpoint or not, then you too may post as well.  I want some input to get some of your impressions, so if people overall don't like my decision, I can revert it and upload stuff as usual.

also Black 'n' White strips will commence production now.

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