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electric leader Lucius

Lately I've had fun coming up with teams for fictional gym leaders and what particular themes they follow. Posted this on on Tumblr some time ago, an electric type leader managing a lighthouse where his whole team is based around that setting, either related to light, technology, or water habitats (Alolan Raichu is a stretch since it's a surfer). Lucius is based on Lux meaning "light", which felt most appropriate.
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He'd be a decent replacement for Jasmine as her hometown has a renowned lighthouse

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Reminds me of the Sea Captain from The Simpsons!
"Yarr, I hate the sea, and everything in it!"
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I like it, it's neat.
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You base him on the lighthouse of pokemon silver/gold didnt you?
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Can't wait to see more of these :D
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An electric gym leader who's a lighthouse keeper? That's a great idea! His design and the badge both look very convincing. Also, smiley Alolan Raichu is adorable.
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Cool the story timeline idea :D :D And that badge has an original shape ;)
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So is this giving him a team for him being any of the gym leaders? With the post game battle team added in for good measure.
I like this a lot. I'll have to use this format when setting up my ideal Ground-type gym. Still struggling over the theme though. I shall prevail!

Anyway, this is great design. I'd like to see more!
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Doesn't have enough squirrels considering the TM he gives you (I kid). Good heavens quite the line up(s) he has.
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this! is aweso0me! like, RLY awesome! x,3
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