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My comic, Rare Candy Treatment, has now reached its end. If you want to know more about the reasons behind this decision, you can read it on my site. Thanks to everyone following and commenting on my work here on deviantArt, as it's been plenty of times where your input has both fixed my current strips and improved my future ones, so this community has treated me well. I will still use this account to upload whatever images I create next, and since I'll be active over at Smogon, you can still expect Pokemon illustrations to show up among my submitted work. But for those of you who followed me exclusively for the comics, then I'm afraid that well is now dried up.

It's been fun.
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Ah, I remember reading this back in 2012 or 2013. Shame I lost the ZIP with the complete collection.

Thanks for brightening those days of Rare Candy Treatment. :D

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Link doesn't work :(
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Thanks! But I hoped there would be more new content on that website, sadly it did not :(
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These are hilarious! Please make more it'd be amazing if you did!
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My thoughts: This guy is so funny! I love these comics -> next, next, etc. etc.

I get to this page: no... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's cool, it was fun while it lasted. The one with nasty plot was hilarious! The one that hooked me was "Metronomical," watching clefairy self-destruct had me in tears, it was so funny!
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Damnit. Just damnit
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goodbye awesome comics.

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This was real sad to read after catching up on my deviations..
I remember when you started this comic. I can't believe it's been 4 years...That's a great run though, and I totally get why you ended it. I wish you luck with whatever project or goal you are pursuing now.
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please do some DRAGON vs FAIRY draw
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I can understand your reasons for this. Get out while the going's good and focus on other stuff. At least your original comics are still around, have caused me to smile and laugh, and others I'm sure will have done so and will do so in the future. Good luck with what you plan to do and I'm sure that regardless of the Rare Candy Treatment ending, Pokémon games will still be giving us their insightful logic.
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thank you for getting me into deviantart back in 2012!!!!
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I am going to miss your witty pokemon humor. It has been an amazing trip!

Can't wait to see the new stuff ^_^
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I've had a blast reading your comics, thanks for all the fun!
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It has been such a pleasure to see your growth from beginning to end in this project alone. I look forward to whatever art you show next and I wish you all the best on your artistic (and more) journey!
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Gosh, it's a sadness :(
Good luck in your future dude!
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Aww, well, I wish you success in whatever you do next.
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Aw man! Well, it's been great reading these! Good luck in your future endevors! :icongoodjobplz:
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You going to post more non pokemon stuff around here still? Or are you closing down shop entirely? 
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Still gonna post whatever I have as usual, so no worries there.
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I'll miss this comic ;u;
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