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Swamp Trainer

Been toying with the idea of generating random Pokemon and then create a trainer and setting to go alongside them. Ludicolo, Gyarados and Shelmet together felt like they could work in a swamp setting, improved even further by some blues. Took me about 1,5 hours.
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kristoonz's avatar
Gyarados tho haha! 😂 Looks great
Blackdrakon30's avatar
Shelmet is obviously the designated driver for Gyarados, who is up on weed :P
infinipede's avatar
This is a really cool concept! and woah, only that long? damn. I love the textures on this, the straw hat and ludicolo's fur, especially.
ClockworkHaunt's avatar
Gyarados be high af off those swamp fumes.
DarkTailss's avatar
Go home Gyarados, you're drunk lol
pobblebonkers's avatar
How did you generate the 3 pokemon for the theme. Random number generator?
BummerForShort's avatar
Search Random Pokemon Generator and that'll be where I went.
Love the prompt idea, and I think this came out pretty well. Nice work.
ThatzNice's avatar
Gyrados' face made me spit out my tea
BummerForShort's avatar
A silent minute for the fallen tea.
JESzasz's avatar
 I love the look on Gyarados's face! He sure looks mellow!
The-Letter-W's avatar
what a neat idea! despite the gyarados this picture is nice and calm! 
Starsinger1's avatar
Gyrados never looked happier!
Clap Singing Hi! 
Ryua's avatar
This is awesome.
RascalWabbit's avatar
I really like this idea, of taking the randoms and doing a trainer. BTW this piece is so pretty and I love the way you drew the old woman the most :)
summermon's avatar
this is really cute! I love gyarados's big doofy smile C: and I can't wait to see some more of these! 

also ludicolo is just my favorite pokemon forever 
awsomness123's avatar
heh, looks like louisiana :)
xdarkwingY's avatar
all i can say is YEE-HAW! *makes a little fire and makes some bacon singing country rythmen*
CaseMayday's avatar
That's a great idea. I look forward to seeing more. :)
Zieu's avatar
this is super cute and the colors are so nice !!
BummerForShort's avatar
Thanks! The colors sort of struggled in the beginning, but things began shaping up once I started painting with solid flats again, so thanks for the good words!
OrcaOwl's avatar
This is super lovely! I really like the expressions of the Pokemon in here, and the colors too!
BummerForShort's avatar
oh god Orca commented, play it cool

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