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Shiny Weezing

A couple of weeks ago we had a contest in Smeargle's Studio for drawing the best version of a shiny Weezing, a throwback to the very first art contest the forums had. I went the grotesque route with some sprinkles added here and there, pretty happy with the result, although the lineart didn't blend with the colors as much as I'd want to. My entry won, presumably because the other art veterans didn't participate. :P
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This is absolutely disgusting, everything about how the toxic abomination has been portrayed here is hideous. I utterly love it. Seriously, the picture portrays just how vile the creature is far more than the actual games ever did.
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Can I use this picture on my youtube video for top 10 pokemon?? :D (Big Grin)
I will credit you! :) (Smile)
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Love how grotty the Weezing is; the way the fluids are spilling out adds to the toxicity. Nice detail in the pattering.
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Use a pepto-bismol attack!
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awesome work mate !
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ahhhh just when I've actually started to like weezing more ;__; ♥
this is really cool, I love it! Makes me want to breed a shiny one for myself.
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This is really cool and creepy!
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Excellent! I love the crater-like holes. The whole thing feels sickly poisonous. I love it.
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You can't make that think pretty, even with sparkles and a recolor 0.9

The pink goo's pretty cool though
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Sick! You portrayed a Poison-type very well!
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Well done, it looks disgusting! (in a good way) :D I think you would have won regardless of how many that veterans who had entered! 
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It is the most beautiful of the shinies! Love the colors you used. It really makes weezing look rather poisonous!
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 Uggh! It's repulsive!!! 
I love it!!! :D
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Oh wow, this brings back memories of Chuggaconroy's Crystal LP. Great job nonetheless!
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Actually saw parts of his Xenogears playthrough last week, guess I need to check out his Crystal playlist too.
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well xD Good work ^^
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It's great! I love the lineart, I really do. The way you painted everything is awesome. I like your style haha :)
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I really like Shiny Weezing's coloration. Very nice job on the artwork.
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Is this from computer program ?
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