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One Hit Monchan

One Punch Man were one of the few mangas I tried keeping up with, so seeing it now as a fully fledged anime brings joy to my weary heart. So, here’s one of the recent scenes re-enacted with Pokemon, bit of a rushed work since it’s currently late and I have other stuff on my plate, but I wanted to churn it out since the idea really stuck with me.
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YYYYEEEESSSS!!!! One Punch Man is my favorite tv show! This captures the Deep Sea King Scene PERFECTLY X3 XD
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I pictured human rider as a matang not metagross or even a beldom
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Wow, Genos looks old as a #376 Metagross with his X on his face. I don't know why. :| :silentkitty: Absb:star:r
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Yes!!! I love that you chose Mettagross to be Genos, I've seen a lot of other poke-genos designs but Mettagross really fits, I think. I'd love to see your interpretations of other heros! (Especially a Granbull as King, heheheh)
I imagine Sonic being a Greninja haha...
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Now I want to see the rest of the Onepunch-man characters as pokemon
Tatsumaki could be a Kirlia.
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OMG awesome! You need to add in Licenseless-Rider as Magikarp or Bidoof or something.
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This is the best thing ive seen all day.
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Dat meta hair 😂😂 awesome work
Ocean-of-Memories's avatar
Meta-genos is perfect.
perfect man, just perfect
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This is pretty perfect, haha! Great work!
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Holy fuck this is perfection incarnate. Awesome.
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This was so brilliant that I went into a fit of laughter, bravo
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One Hit Monchan, Deep Seaking, MetaGenos, I can't with this. XD This is amazing. 
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