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Magcargo Variations

I have on various occasions admitted that Magcargo is my favorite Pokemon, but since it’s arguably one of the worst Pokemon to use competitively there’s rarely any reason to showcase it. So thus I need to turn myself to memes, specifically the one where you combine a mon with other species within its egg group. Hope you agree with my interpretation on how the respective gene pools would collide, was fun drawing these.
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rodent347's avatar
These look awesome. Rock ooze is pretty versatile.
MEGAPOTAMIA325's avatar
How is it the worst exactly?
BummerForShort's avatar
>still slow after Shell Smash
>its bulk nullified by its two huge weaknesses to Ground and Water, alongside a Rock and Fighting weakness
>the above means Stealth Rocks gives it issues
>its strongest special rock move is Ancient Power

I dunno man you tell me. There exists worse fully evolved mons, but that list isn't long.
MEGAPOTAMIA325's avatar
Wow. I don't think I've seen any weaknesses to one Pokemon since.......... Honestly, it never crossed my mind
EdoriLagurozk's avatar
Chandelure+MacCargo looks clever
NerdOfAllTrades's avatar
Funnily enough Magcargo apparently would realistically be purple.
Seiden-Kaczka's avatar
This is pure awesomeness. 
MusicMew's avatar
Very creative! Love it
JESzasz's avatar
 Arguably my ass. Don't ever underestimate Shell Smash Magcargo, cause he can surprise an opponent if he or she is unawares, though he wishes he had Power Gem.
BummerForShort's avatar
When any choice scarfer, assault vester, specially defensive water and ground type, or mons with higher base speed than 110 can stop its reign of terror, then "arguably" is the biggest compliment I can give it.
JESzasz's avatar
 At least he's not an Unown or *shudders* Sunflora.
fauxlens's avatar
Sunflora is boss!
The Chandelure variant is gnarly!
Mintemii's avatar
I like how you can see that the goopy parts have different densities and flow to them! Chandelure is probably my favorite because it reminds me of wax or maybe the Spiritomb variation because it looks really sticky <3
Poke-Poet4's avatar
These are all really cool! My favorite here would have to be the Pallosand one. Such a neat idea and so well-executed too! :)

Also, I'd just like to say that people judge pokemon too heavily based on their competitive use. That should have nothing to do with whether or not they deserve to be showcased in artwork. If you like the pokemon, that's reason enough. If I was any good at drawing, then I'd definitely make some art for one of MY favorite pokemon. A lot of people say that Mega Slowbro looks dumb. And sure, it kind of does. But I still see it as a cool concept regardless! It doesn't get as much love as it should. But enough about that. My point was that you shouldn't need a reason to make art of a pokemon you like. These are still really cool though. :)
No1fan15's avatar
these are all wonderful and creative and I love them
Midnitez-REMIX's avatar
Love it! And the Swalot one reminds me of those jellies in LoZ Wind Waker. XD
Rainbroach's avatar
If only these forms made it competitively viable~
Naxal710's avatar
Holy crap these are awesome!!!
MadetGheist's avatar
Very nice, +chandelure looks like a regional variant
Darigaaz-the-Igniter's avatar
+Weezing and +Dusclops are my faves. One thing I like for crossbreeds is to still primarily look like the base pokemon.
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