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Inskint Troglobite Ogrehaul

Been itching go create an ogre species for some time, but things were going slow since my concept just ended up looking like a classic ogre except in a Pokemon style. CalagrianKnight on one of the fakemon discords I frequent cooked up the idea of a lizard using its own severed tail as a weapon, and was kind enough to let me use that feature for this concept, so many thanks!

Names: Instinct+Skink, Troglodyte+Bite, Ogre+Overhaul

Notable moves: Crunch, Knock Off, Pursuit, Parting Shot, Dragon Tail, Dragon Hammer, Outrage, Autotomize, Hammer Arm, Superpower, Iron Head, Heavy Slam

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hello, i am making an original pokedex fic (basically birdboys pokedex but for fakemon) and i would like to use your creations. is that ok? i would credit you.

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Like the Inskint!
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:clap: What an original line! We don't have ogres in the games yet (golems are not ogres, folks :P) and using the lizard's tail theme is a clever idea. Bravo! :D
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Oh my, what a puntastic title you had got going there. It summarizes the description to the T, and yet they are only names for your monsters. Brilliant!
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What a cute line!
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Interesting, do they have a Hidden Ability?
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Undecided, although many could certainly fit.
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Defiant or guts, to me that is.
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when that time comes I'll just bring up the ability list and pick something half decent, won't grab anything more powerful than what it already has though
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Pokemon will steall this probably
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Did he rip off his tail o-o.
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Possibly. Maybe. Let's go with yes.
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Kindred spirits : 
Magic Knights by Lucky-Trident
Yours is better though...
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