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Inskint Troglobite Ogrehaul


Been itching go create an ogre species for some time, but things were going slow since my concept just ended up looking like a classic ogre except in a Pokemon style. CalagrianKnight on one of the fakemon discords I frequent cooked up the idea of a lizard using its own severed tail as a weapon, and was kind enough to let me use that feature for this concept, so many thanks!

Names: Instinct+Skink, Troglodyte+Bite, Ogre+Overhaul

Notable moves: Crunch, Knock Off, Pursuit, Parting Shot, Dragon Tail, Dragon Hammer, Outrage, Autotomize, Hammer Arm, Superpower, Iron Head, Heavy Slam

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hello, i am making an original pokedex fic (basically birdboys pokedex but for fakemon) and i would like to use your creations. is that ok? i would credit you.