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Holymoly Mountmitre

Started out as a design about moles and making mountains out of molehills, but I felt it needed an additional element to it. After giving the last stage a hat, it sort of continued from there. First stage’s name is self explanatory, last stage is Mountain + Mitre +  Mountmartre.

Notable moves: Earth Power, Power Gem, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Wish, Healing Wish, Trick Room, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, Charge Beam, Focus Blast, Stealth Rock.

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Sorry for commenting on all those mons, but I find you designs very original... Gotta love the smallest one, he really does look like a friar. The bigger one looks pretty solid, I always thought that those starched coats must be very solid haha.
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Holymoly. Bless (literally).
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Great concept.

It's never gonna happen, but great concept nontheless.
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What cute lil guys!!!!!!! <3
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Holymoly is an awesome name ;)
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You deserve a fav just for the name Holymoly
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