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Fly me away

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This is more of a homage than an actual joke dedicated to one of my new favorites from Gen V, and the fact that it can learn Fly is a rather common fact now. With its sturdy physique, unique typing and surprisingly aerodynamic body, Golurk is now my main choice of sky transportation. Booyah.

Edit: Oh, and :iconsebasvishno: (along with other deviants I'm sure) beat me to the relevation in visual form, but I like this idea and Golurk way too much so I followed through anyway.

Edit2: Seems like :icontazsaints: beat me to the punch, two months earlier. Huh. That's awkward. CURSES. Whelp, nothing to do about it, but be sure to have a look on her strip as well!


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FrostDraw689New Deviant

My favorite pokemon logic

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Haha! XD Great!

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Dammit I just wish Golurk was good in the competitive scene. How can you make a giant ancient robot suck?
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UP UP AND AWAY! "Is it a Pidgey?" "Is it a blimp?" "No, its Golurk!"
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Dewani90Hobbyist General Artist
i have a golurk, i though the thing was psychic-steel, oh well, ghost golems still work.
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trilliondollermanHobbyist Photographer
As soon as I learned that, Golurk became my favorite pokemon.
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Golurk, the "Iron Giant" Pokémon.
It is said that Golurk were ordered to protect people and Pokémon by the ancient people who made them.
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funny if he had iron man theme as he flew up
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PixelMoniacHobbyist Digital Artist
holy shit you made this comic? illuvit!
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togepi1234Student General Artist
This was also seen in one of the pokemon movies. I can't remember the name but it had victini, zekrom, and reshiram. I hate it when I cant remember the names of movies.
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What's better is the fact that All hms (and dig) get bred no matter how rediculous the outcome is... want a wailord with fly and dig - bread appropriatly and you can have one (as well as strength and surf/dive for more lols) want to have a geodude with rock smash SURE! how about an electrode with ... any of the HMs Yep - no problem can learn through breeding
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TheDannyManHobbyist General Artist
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Arousingly dapper.
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RebornAncient13Hobbyist General Artist
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SnakeOfLegatoHobbyist Artist
My reaction to finding out Golurk can fly. Nice one!
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MadnessAbeHobbyist Writer
Now I'm reminded of the Iron Giant. 
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Trinitas127Hobbyist Writer
It's awesome alright.
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DoodleFoxxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Best. Idea. EVER!!!
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NidokingfanStudent Writer
Oh god, when I found out about this... :D
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the Iron Giant fly again!
i can't be the only guy that think he looks similar or something.
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TheScribbler12Student General Artist
Ah, GameFreak. Making little to no sense since the turn of the century.
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Julesworld99Student Writer
When I found this out I was like
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