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Feverus Isicken

One virus evolving into another. The fever-ridden base stage yearns to be cold, which triggers quite an unusal metamorphosis! Last stage has a bit of icepicks and skii gear thrown in as well alongside the bacteriophage design, somehow wish I could’ve bridged the two a bit better but I went with a thematic connection than a visual one this time. Might have been too greedy with the Magic Guard ability, but I couldn’t make a design like this without ignoring the threat of Stealth Rocks.

Names: Fever+Virus and Icicle+Sicken

Notable moves: Ice Beam, Freeze Dry, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Icicle Spear, Signal Beam, Lunge, U-turn, Leech Life, Fell Stinger, Flash Cannon, Dazzling Gleam, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain

Gonna make a note that I’d also like to give it Tail Glow, but might be too much for a mon that’s fast and can easily afford a Focus Sash, who knows.

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2020 mascot anyone?

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I'm guessing these 2 will be easy to find so that people will catch the common cold

(Not sorry for the pun! :D)
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Awww those look cute. It's very original that you used virus, that aren't technically alive, as inspiration for Fakemon. I love how the little one, Feverus, looks like he's sick and wearing a blanket or coat XD
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They should definitely hire you.
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syclant but as a virus
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wish this Pokemon is real
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I think giving this virus Pokemon NASTY plot would be thematically appropriate.
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Viruses are neither good or evil, they're just highly specialised molecules replicating themselves, please don't try and attribute nefarious traits to them please thank you good day
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Damn you right XD
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