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Fawnest, Tindeer, and Elkindle

Most of the time, elemental stones only evolve Pokemon of the same typing, with the only exception thus far being the Eevee family. With this concept, I wanted to break away from that. The middle stage is struggling to keep out the cold and could sure appreciate to generate heat of its own, all it takes is a spark to get the process going (note the matches on its head). With the fire stone acting as that spark, the flames becomes part of itself, thus transforming it into a fiersome protector of the forest. Or maybe a wildfire passed by and it simply refused to succumb to it, I really need to finalise my dex entries one of these days. 

Names come from Fawn+Forest, Tinder+Deer, and Elk+Kindle.

Notable moves: Flare Blitz, Blaze Kick, Flame Charge, Wood Hammer, Horn Leech, Wild Charge, Double-Edge, Head Smash, Jump Kick, Earthquake, Burn Up, Will-O-Wisp, Morning Sun.

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I wish there were more deer Pokémon!! But at least there are amazing artist who design something as unique and stunning as this!!!
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I love the geometric burnt wood look on Elkindle!
Elythe's avatar
Woah, I love this evolution-chain! They are so cool! I want an Elkindle in my team!
Grass/Fire is an amazing combination!
LiveLongButLOL's avatar
I read Tinder at first! xD
OrcaOwl's avatar
These are great! I love the backgrounds you did with them too
xWintermondx's avatar
Awesome idea, would love to use these,
if they were ingame <3
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I like the concept a lot!
i will always support a grass/fire hybrid. 
methuselah-alchemist's avatar
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Cooooooooooooooooool :O
MadetGheist's avatar
Makes perfect sense form a biological standpoint: there are many ecosistems in which natural wildfires are not actually disasters but key components in the balance and diversity of that system's living components.
Personally, i love the idea of some fire-types being integral to their habitat's biological balance
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woah! super cool concept!
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For the Dex entries, maybe Flash Fire could be indicative of it absorbing the heat of forest fires to keep them from spreading.
Weirda-s-M-art's avatar
the idea to change a grass type into a fire type AND do that through evolution stone is wonderful! I always enjoy your fakemons :heart: :thumbsup:
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Aaaw. They're cute and very well drawn! I love the colours too!
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Love this concept!! I'd definetely have this one in my team :D
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Really fun concept!  I love it!
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Cool~ And Dam! That thing has health for days!! Haha~
TwistedToonTaylor's avatar
Given how the Dex can make Pokemon friendly in one entry and deadly in the next both of those explanations are fair game at the same time. >w>
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