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Fawnest, Tindeer, and Elkindle



Most of the time, elemental stones only evolve Pokemon of the same typing, with the only exception thus far being the Eevee family. With this concept, I wanted to break away from that. The middle stage is struggling to keep out the cold and could sure appreciate to generate heat of its own, all it takes is a spark to get the process going (note the matches on its head). With the fire stone acting as that spark, the flames becomes part of itself, thus transforming it into a fiersome protector of the forest. Or maybe a wildfire passed by and it simply refused to succumb to it, I really need to finalise my dex entries one of these days. 

Names come from Fawn+Forest, Tinder+Deer, and Elk+Kindle.

Notable moves: Flare Blitz, Blaze Kick, Flame Charge, Wood Hammer, Horn Leech, Wild Charge, Double-Edge, Head Smash, Jump Kick, Earthquake, Burn Up, Will-O-Wisp, Morning Sun.

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I wish there were more deer Pokémon!! But at least there are amazing artist who design something as unique and stunning as this!!!