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Ethereal Gates Team

So since I’ve been home sick for quite a few days now, I figured I’d satisfy my need to play a new game by checking out @pokemonetherealgates demo of their Pokemon fan game of the same name. And as you may already have guessed, I reached the end of the demo and have a full team of bros to show for it! From top to bottom and left to right:

Birdbrain the Aerivore
Humbug the Peludillar
Pebbles the Oodode
Shanks the Opaby
Riptide the Hippotus (starter)
Funkyard the Magnut

While there was several stuff left to fix (because it’s a demo), it did feel like a genuine Pokemon game, so if you want to give it a go, here’s a link to one of the official download pages. Credit to the dev team for making such a fun experience with more to come, and I hope I haven’t forgotten any important details while drawing these critters!

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It looks amazing :)
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Absolutely LOVE the little robot guy!
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This is great.
You sir are great.
Ethereal Gates is great.

I wish you all good future.
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Holy mackarel dude I am beyond honored you drew Ethereal Gates Pokémon! I've been following your art [and the rarecandytreatment] for a super long time and I could not be more thrilled to see this!

Also that drawing of magnut is my new favorite thing ever.
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I gotta remember to try the game out for myself someday (maybe when summer starts and I have the time). Saw shofu do a let's play of it and it seemed like fun.
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Oh. My. God! Dude this is amazing! You captured all of the pokemon's personalities so well, even the MC has his own look to him.

Great work :)
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They also have a DeviantArt account by the way. :)
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yeah but I didn't know which one to tag and I panicked
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