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I sometimes hang out in threads on /vp/ dedicated to fakemon designs, and one person was trying to work out a concept revolving around scales. Intrigued, I threw two sketches together but ended up liking the one of them better, hence why I fleshed it out further into what you can see above. Another kind anon suggested to give it rock knuckles to make its fists less bare, so thanks for that!

The monkey species used as a base is a mandrill, and probably parts gorilla by accident, while its huge fists are the weights on the scale that are too weak to move around by themselves and instead relies more on the upper body to shift their weight around and give its fists momentum. I can jump moderately high, but since it’d be awful at climbing, it’d prefer to just smash obstacles standing in its way. Also tried to give this fella a base stage, but I had difficulties finding a precursor for the scales concept, so I left it as is.

Name comes from Combat + Balance.

Notable moves: Dynamic Punch (a given), Superpower, Hammer Arm, Reversal, Bulp Up, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Knock Off, Gunk Shot, Pain Split, Swords Dance

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Reminds me Chacal from The Book of Life