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Amulark and Peacharm



Peacocks are great, so it’s only natural that it has been used as base for other fakemon artists, some of them turning out really cool. Dreamcatchers are also prime design material, and given how plenty of them are adorned with feathers, incorporating one into a bird felt like a natural approach, and peacock fit the bill (heh) just nicely. I rarely make new abilities since I want to work with what’s available, but given the lore behind dreamcatchers, along with the fact that this species would really hate the move Pursuit, then it had both a reason and a cause.

Names comes from Amulet+Lark and Peacock+Charm.

Notable moves: Psychic, Psyshock, Future Sight, Miracle Eye, Hypnosis, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Hex, Will-o-Wisp, Destiny Bond, Mean Look, Roost, Tailwind, Defog, Moonblast
Notable lack of moves: Cannot learn any Dark type moves.

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These should be real Pokemon. They look very cool.