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Little Demon Tomato People

These are some drawings from the second issue of The Demon Tomato, a comic I do. These are from actual panels of the comic rather than being done specifically as DA drawings, so in the comic they'll be saying things and arranged in proper panels. Here though I've coloured them especially for you. These aren't presented in sequence here, so don't worry about trying to "read" them.

The Demon Tomato - issue one. Get it here!
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Words or not, it's still fun to gander at the arts and colours here. And quite a neat idea for creating comics too, drawing and arranging panels rather than sketch them all on one page 8-)
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Well in this case it's more like the other way round. These have been taken out of their comic panels and arranged in a line without the dialogue. And coloured. But I know there are people who prefer to draw their comics the way you described, doing each panel separately. The idea is enticing because it sounds on paper like an extra bit of freedom, but actually I suspect you cause problems for yourself. You couldn't keep your eye on the balance of the overall page quite as well, for instance. Nice idea though if you can do it well.
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Hmm...quite observant there. I do know of a few people who tend to do their comics in the "draw and paste" method, but like you said it's how you decide to go about it. I'll be sure to keep that bit of advice in mind in the future :)