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Post apocalyptic 2 - A Girl And Her Dog

Just like in the case of my previous post apocalyptic image I was inspired by the movie A boy and his dog from the 70s.
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Great use of blacks and whites...
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Hello, would it be possible to use some of your work far a website?

Thank you for making such an epic piece of art work. I participate in a post apocalyptic fair called wasteland weekend in California. I would like to ask your permission to use this piece of artwork on bottle That I will rust and be giving to people free of charge to see the smiles on their face when I present them with such amazing artwork you have created would this be OK?
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Sorry for late reply. Glad you like it and I am cool with you using it like that.
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Great! I really like your style!
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Thanks, man! Glad you like the stuff :)
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I would have preferred this movie to the real one! Beautiful
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The movie was pretty awesome though but thank you :)
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The Dog with a Gas Mask is a freaky, but nice touch. :nod:
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I was inspired by old war photos where you can see dogs and horses in gas masks. The world is a freaky place. Thanks, man!
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What? Please tell me you're joking!

..............then again, people were shooting Monkey and Dogs into space back then, so I believe it..........:nod:
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No joke, there are plenty of photos to find :) If you see something in fiction you can be sure there are even more crazy stuff like it in our history. For instance; if you think it´s silly that some character in a fantasy game is running around with spikes all over just google russian bear hunting armor from the 1800s. So much real world inspiration to be found everywhere :)
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Russian Bear Hunting Armor? Here in North America Indians and White Pioneers hunted Bears with NO Armor, if I'm not mistaken, hence the high level of danger involved. Still though, our Bears ain't bitch-made over here............

I introduce to you--The Grizzly Bear:…

and THIS is the biggest Bear in North America, as well as the fiercest! So just how BIG and FIERCE are Russian Bears?
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Hahah well this is actually a really awesome subject matter!! If you want to get technical the grizzly is only the second largest bear over there since the kodiak bear lives in Alaska (as does the grizzly) and is considered to be on par with, if not even bigger than, polar bears in size. Both the grizzly and the kodiak are subspecies of the brown bear and another name for the grizzly is just the North American brown bear. The eastern Russia bears are almost as big as the kodiak so they´re larger than the grizzly too.……

As I was double checking my info, so as not to bullshit you, I found out about the now extinct bear species Arctodus simus which is supposedly the largest known bear to have lived (in north america up until 9000 years ago no less) and got into it so now I need to read up on that and see if there are any documentaries about it. Also there are myths that that specific bear still exists in eastern siberia (russia) and even tho that is utter crap I just love legends and myths, like bigfoot (which of course is also bs), so I need to dig deeper into that myth as well! Goodness :)
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Well, species of Animals and Insects and Plants are being discovered all the time, so who knows if they still have this prehistoric Bear's relatives still lurking around there. Just look at the Komodo Dragon--it's only located EXCLUSIVELY in Indonesia. Australia has Animals also indigenous AS well as rare, such as the Platypus, and you can Google that shit and come up with all KINDS of photos.


Not only does this thing have fur and is a UGLY S.O.B., but it's AQUATIC. How is an animal like this still alive? It should be gone with the Dodo Bird generations ago! And don't EVEN get me started on the Galapagos Islands! That place is practically a real-live version of "Jurrasic Park"--sans ravenous and humongous Dinosaurs. So I wouldn't completely rule out that such a Bear still exists, we just don't have people with the Money, Resources, and desire to do so. People worship Technology and Machines more than think for themselves anymore, so trying to be the 1st to discover a cure for cancer means nothing if they can't create a new meme or joke that'll make them King of the Internet for a Day.........

.........but a Fool for a Lifetime...............

but I digress. The Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti/Skunk Ape myth, no matter how many names it's been known under or regions it's been seen, is a bit ridiculous, but come on dude, people have been talking about these big, hairy, stinky beasts for AGES from all over the World, and there's no telling how many other places call these creatures by another name that has them but they most certainly get around, so as much as I would LOVE to dismiss that Myth with you, it's difficult for me to. I'm conflicted on this one, so I'll have to get back at you on this one. :work:
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Oh, don´t get me wrong, I know there are tons of amazing creatures out there and that we still find new species of animals. Just imagine how many new species we´d discover if we were to finally manage to explore our oceans.
Just like in humans I´m sure abnormalities happen in the animal kingdom as well and that every once in a while some animals are born larger or with missing or extra limbs etc. What I don´t believe in is in areas where humans have been living for a long time and people claim they see these big creatures but nobody can ever prove their existance. Nobody ever manages to track and find these things and they leave no traces of themselves behind. I believe people let their imagination get out of hand sometimes, some people are just plain crazy and the more people talk about seeing these creatures the more other people are influenced in thinking they experience seeing them or flat out lie about it for personal gain of some kind. 
I love myths, I´m just sceptical when it comes to actually believing in them.
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Very nice work
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Thanks, John :)
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Impressive, Fantastic, and Cool Artwork!!!:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) Wink/Razz :o (Eek) Meow :3 ;) (Wink) Clap La la la la Nod :happybounce: I think I've fainted. B-) (Cool) Popcorn #1 OMG MOAR POEMS! :squee: Judge Winner +favlove deviantART DeviantArt I love deviantART! deviantART 
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Thank you very much! Must have taken an hour to get all those emoticons in there!
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You're very welcome!:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) And no not an hour. I'm a practiced hand at it now. It takes a few minutes but it is an effort not to confuse negative or super sarcastic emoticons with the positive ones.Nod Sweating a little... 
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Loving that dog! Awesome work. :)
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Tack Susanna! Är det du som praktiserat på DICE hos Sammelin och Mattan eller drar jag förhastade slutsatser här?
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Japp, det är det! :D Var ju för ett tag sen, du jobbar där nu va?
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