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He's Babysitting

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i mean technically Sidon is the oldest out of the four of them.........................

this was just gonna be a silly doodle but then i really wanted to clean it up just cause the sketch was so cute :'3 i think it turned out nice! my lineart has gotten better since i've had to do a lot more of it for school :0

i? also tried something new??? and recorded it to make this a speedpaint??????? it's basically done, just got a couple more clips to add and then export it, but I'm not sure where to upload it :0 it's a little long, close to 6-7 minutes i believe, so i don't think i can upload it to tumblr, which was my original plan, but i don't really want to upload it to youtube............ idk what to do yet, but hopefully i can put it up somewhere! it's really cool to watch your process but sped up!!!

also i don't like Riju's canon outfit at all, my girl is 12 and wearing that??? nuh-uh, that is a child, there's no reason for her outfit to be so skimpy :/

HQ drawing on tumblr! also on twitter! or buy me a coffee if you like my stuff! :^D
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Sidon babysitting them and trying to be a good babysitter

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LMAOOOOOO it's true tho!!!

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