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Fullmetal Uniform by bumblebeeiscute Fullmetal Uniform :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 4 1 World of Wolf and Bear by bumblebeeiscute World of Wolf and Bear :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 0 0
Rex was missing, and this time  he didn't runaway.  He wasn't feeling good and was allowed to head back to his room early , where he fell asleep. At seven a scream rang out from his room and the cameras were deactivated. By the time Six got to the room , which was quickly, Rex was gone. The room empty and other than a knocked over soda can and a flipped bean bag chair there was no sign of a struggle.
HQ went into an uproar as they started the search for the teen. Holiday and Six working even harder to try and find their missing charge.
Hours went went by.
"Time since we lost contact" Six's voice rang out across the briefing room.
"Three hours ago ,seven p.m. , we're still receiving his biometric reading though. There're like nothing we've seen before, they've hit an all time low, Six something is wrong." Holiday replied worriedly.
" Where was his last location? Can't you track him?" Six asked
"The tracker signal is weak but we can figure out where he is." Holiday lean over a
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Summer Boy by bumblebeeiscute Summer Boy :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 1 0 Child by bumblebeeiscute Child :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 1 3 Blood Lad Staz 2 by bumblebeeiscute Blood Lad Staz 2 :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 1 0 Blood Lad Staz 1 by bumblebeeiscute Blood Lad Staz 1 :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 0 0 APH Romania by bumblebeeiscute APH Romania :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 3 3 APH Seychelles by bumblebeeiscute APH Seychelles :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 2 0
Lost and Found a queens thief fanfiction
The early morning sun shined brightly through the palace windows. Gen stirred from his sleep as the light came over his eyes. He whined and turned over to go back to sleep , covering his head in the process. But anymore sleep this morning wasn't meant to be, his mother came in the room a few minutes after he has turned over. She gently woke him up.
" come on sweetie time to get up. We're going with grandpa to the market today, remember? We have to leave early if we want to get to the market before the crowds." The whined but complied with his mother by sitting up to rub the sleep from his eyes.
He dressed ( with help from mother ) and him and mother made their way down the long halls and corridors of the palace to meet up with grandpa, who was already by the front gates.
" Gradpa!" Gen called to his grandfather as he let to of his mothers hand and bolted towards his grandad, who opened his arms out for a hug, then picked him up. " hey buddy ready to go?" Gen nodded. Grandpa set Gen bac
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The king of Attolia by bumblebeeiscute The king of Attolia :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 0 0 Cadet! by bumblebeeiscute Cadet! :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 0 0 Tsume by bumblebeeiscute Tsume :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 0 0 Sodapop by bumblebeeiscute Sodapop :iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 0 0
01 Introductions
AN: I'm doing the 100 theme challenge. Each theme will be it's own story but all the themes together tie into on big plot.
So the plot is basically this:
The four main wolves of Wolf's Rain (Kiba, Toboe, Tsume and Hige) are brothers that live with their Mother and step Dad. They live normally as humans. They go to school, and all that.
Their human forms are not like they are in the show. unlike the anime where the human form if you touched them as humans you were still feel fur or if they grab something with a hand it really in their mouth, these human forms are, still not real but more 'solid' if you touched them when they looked human, you would feel skin. And they can grab, carry, use, things just like humans so they use 'hands' not their mouths.
Disclaimer- I do not own Wolf's Rain
On with the story:

It was just before dusk. The small family home on the corner of Market and Union was silent. The only person there now was a woman about in her mid-thir
:iconbumblebeeiscute:bumblebeeiscute 0 0
A Caring Pack
AN: This is a one shot that is a little AU - It takes place in modern times and instead of traveling all over, the pack lives in the same city all the time and , live in the same house. Kinda like a family. I also make a mention to them going to School. other then that it's the Wolf's Rain we all know and love.
let me know if and how anyone is out of character. Dani is my OC. I really don't use my OC for fanfics, usually only roleplaying. But I decided to put her in this one. Usually if I have an OC in a fanfic it's because of the need of a character and I don't plan them into the story, so they are usually my friend's OCs. It's odd using my own for something other than a rp. XD
Disclaimer: I do not own Wolf's Rain. And with that out of the way onto the story:
A Caring Pack

The day was surprisingly warm considering how the weather has been. It was early June, but the month didn't matter to someone like Toboe. Dates and times where of Human system not Wolf.
The boy sa
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I love anything nature and anything fuzzy, I'm a kind person who tries to help others and be nice even when others are not. I'm currently learning to crochet.
I love my family and care for my friends like family if i get to know them well enough (usually just my best friends)…


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After a really long and unannounced hiatus due to family , conventions , and school my webcomic Wolf and Bear is taking off again! Starting with new extras released all summer long and new page coming this fall! How cool is that?

whats Wolf and Bear all about? Well when two young girls set off in search for their missing friend they quickly get tangled in an adventure of a life time and a fight for survival as they must face crazed enemies and come to terms with a powerful truth. 

In a medieval village something big is about to unfold, when a mad scientist lures the village children to his lab in the woods...

come check out my comic here:

mad scientists , good guys ,bad guys, friendship , kids who can turn into (cute) animals what more could you ask for?

I'm the creator , writer and creative helper for the comic.
the artist is my lovely and awesome friend Sarah
cowriters , and other creative help from friends Sarah , Rachel and Steven!
( if any of you have DAs let me know and I'll link <3 )



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Yeah..I kinda dropped of DA for a while and been keeping to two or three people only over on Facebook. I don't know why I did it just shorta on here much maybe we can try to reconnect I miss talking to you and we got lots of catching up to do I bet, I know lots has happened on my end ( both good and bad) and that I really do need to like live in a bubble...
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That's sucks but at least you have a job take up your time, some people don't have that. Maybe on one of your days off we can really get more connect? 
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