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Hi folks

Its been a while since the last time I updated my DA page. I've noticed that DA recently got a spiffy smart phone app, as well as made some significant improvements to the site as a whole. So with that in mind, I'll be making posts more frequently. Shot outs to the folks who have continued to support me and my art. I know that the majority of the people who come to DA are interested in pictures of established works. It is difficult to receive likes based off original content. But I will be posting more due to the myriad of projects I have going on atm. So!! With that said thank you all for your continued support. Please feel free to comment, fave, and view my work. I have enclosed links below.


Raymond Brown


Check out my bro's work. He's a beast!!!
Hey guys'

I know its last minute, but I will be hosting a panel call "Dynamic Cel Shading Techiques" Which I will sharing my approach to coloring in Photoshop! It Will be Today....

Friday 5/24 at 1:30p in Room 306A.

If you're going to be attending Animazment Please stop by!
Sup Guys and Gals Bully Eater #4 is out! This issues also features 3 Full color intro pages! Enjoy!…
New pages of Bully Eater are up! Thanks for reading!……
Sorry for the delay between chapters. I just started a new job the require me to work more hours (gotta eat), However I will do my best to pump at least 2 High quality pages a week! Thanks and Enjoy!………

BTW If you haven't already, If Join Manga Magazine and "fave" my manga you'll get a weekly update every week with Bully Eater updates. It's great community to join especially if you are an aspiring artist!
Hey Guys! Just wanted to update everyone that my comic/manga "Bully Eater" is now available on Amazon as an EBook!!!! Now you can Read "Bully Eater" anytime and anywhere for FREE! What's more exciting, is that this weekend you can download the comic  to your mobile device 100% FREE! Yup, Starting today (1/18/13) until Sunday (1/20/13) you can download issues #1-2 free! Follow the link below to get your free downloaded copy! I'd GREATLY appreciate your reviews.…

Some reasons for those who've already read "Bully Eater" to download the Ebook.

*It's FREE and a great book to add to your library.
*I've updated some of the art in chapter 1.
*Supports my studio so that I can work on bigger and better projects.
*Good Karma.
Hi guys! I just wanted giving everybody a quick update. For Starters, thanks to everyone who is reading and supporting my comic "Bully Eater"! I've gotten so much honest feedback from a ton of you guys that will make me a better manga artist and make BE a much stronger comic series!
So the reason I'm creating this blog to update you guys on some of the exciting things going on with BE. Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted any new pages of BE within the last couple of weeks. I actually have the next 2 chapter already thumb nailed and penciled, however I won't be posting any new pages until the middle of January.  BUT WHY??? I'm glad you asked!
Without going into too much detail, I'm currently in talks with a company that can allow me to distribute my comic "BE" to actual bookstores across the country (Barnes & Nobles, BAM, Kindle to name a few). So I can actually start getting paid to draw and write! So this puts me one step closer to my dream to become a professional comic/manga artist!
Some of you with the artist eye may have noticed some substantial differences between "BE" chapter 1 and 2 as far as the art and storytelling. The reason is that there was about a 2yr gap between the time I drew chapter 1 and chapter 2. Whether we realize it or not, as artist we getting literally get a little bit better every single time we draw something.  So during those 2yrs I studied anime, film, and other comics to help improve my art and storytelling. Even though I'm no Kishimoto, I feel as though I'm a much stronger comic artist than 2yrs ago and I'm getting better every day.
THUS the name of this blog "BULLY EATER SUPER HD REMIX!!!!!"
I've been redrawing some of the pages of BE chapter 1 over the last couple of weeks. So I'm giving the 1st chapter of BE a face lift and applying some the feedback I received from various comments from you guys. Because this will be an opportunity to share my comic to a larger audience, I want to "put my best foot word". I want make sure that I'm 99.9% satisfied with all my pages and get rid of any pages that embarrass me LOL. I've already finished all the redraws and I am VERY pleased with how they look! I'll be inking a posting the redone chapter shortly. After that I'll be resuming the rest of the series as normal.
So again, thanks for all the support and stay tuned! Bully Eater may be coming to a bookstore near you!
Bulley Eater Chapter #2 is Complete! CHECK IT OUT!!!…………
Just add more pages to "Bully Eater" Chapter #2

Check it out!…………
Hey Guys,
Just wanted to let everyone know have upload new pages of my comic "Bully Eater"! I've posted pages 1-4 and I will be posting 3-4 new pages ongoing every week on Manga I have the link below where you can read it for free!…

I'm also trying to get published on this site so I 'd GREATLY appreciate it if you joined Manga (free to join BTW) and fave my profile "rayme3000" and my comic "Bully Eater". Thanks for the support!
Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to let every know I will have a table in Artist Alley at the The Escapist Expo 2012 convention. The event will be in Durham, NC this weekend 9/16-9/18. Not a lot of people have heard of this con (myself included) but is going to be a super cool event. There will be free arcade games, video games tournaments, Yugioh card battles, laser tag and more all weekend. I 'll be there for the entire weekend selling fan art prints and doing commissions! So if you're in town please stop by and give a shout out! I also have a guest artist at the table with me by the name of Maikeru Jam , a super talented art artist and good friend. And of course my boy JT… be in the building selling O-so-famous video/anime perler beads! It's definitely going to be a sweet weekend, can't wait to see you guys! Later.

The Escapist Expo 2012 details below