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I Want To Break Free

He was born in September 1946 in Zanzibar. His real name was Farookh Bulsara. In 1973 he and his band Queen released their first album in UK and that's how the story begun. They quickly become one of the most famous bands on this planet.
Freddie died on 24th November 1991. It's been 14 years now and I still remember seeing the news on TV. It makes me feel strange... like when you admire someone and you just can't understand why such great person must leave the world untimely. I have a "Queen evening" today. I'm listening to their music, I've watched some videos. And finally I finished this picture.

"I want to break free" is one of my many favourites songs/videos of Queen and this picture is my tribute to Freddie (who doesn't love that scene in drag? ) Handdrawn lineart (+ some pencil shadowing), colored in Photoshop & Painter with mouse. The style refers to Alphonse Mucha.

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I want to break free
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another one cleans the dust
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holy sh。。。。。。。its absolutely great piece。。。!
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Freddie definitely looked funny dressed as a woman, but I guess it made the music video memorable. It's one of my favourite Queen music videos.
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i looove this song too! the video was hilarious
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ahahahahahahahah oh my god!  it's beautiful!! i love Freddie! smaaaaack!! :D
kitsunemimichan's avatar
i love Queen! And this video is one of the best music videos ever, by far :D
AnA-bby's avatar
man I was just singing that song,
Beautiful work!<3
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fredy como te amooo nadie va a cantar como lo h<ciasss
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Very cool picture! :D
ENOTISCHE's avatar
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Only Freddy can pull off wearing a dress and still steal a lot of hearts. xD
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with your permission, I would like to get a tattoo based off of this!
dengalleruss's avatar
O ja pierdolę, czlowieku... jak żywy! No serio, bardzo to panu się udało.
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WOW, that is just awesome
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this is absolutely amazing, one of my favourites as well, you really did some sassy justice there :heart:
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this is really good and very informative i only wish that i could have been alive to see him in concert
Stripesandangelwings's avatar
What I'd really like to know is what Freddie's Parents thought of this behavior. Lol, I love this performance. You did a great job capturing it.
UchuuKeijiRaidanjin's avatar
I clicked on a father-daughter esque picture of Lady Jaye and Destro and this showed up instead o_o
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One of my favorite songs and this is an awesome pic.
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