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Bender, Fry and Leela from Futurama series.
Coloured in PS.

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I caught the end of a Futurama film in tuning in to the next show. Wish I didn't.

I forget what show it was, but I can't unsee the closing footage of the Futurama episode before it.

A strange machine, a dead dragon and app. the hero & heroine have just waltzed off to the right. The machine spits out a ground-up human, a gory pulp ! What a way to die !

I stopped watching Futurama on Fox because it was pre-empted so much. Fox (channel 5) is a garbage station. I also found this future disagreeable. this episode was foul...

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The stars de-Groeningized.

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I always wondered how Bender gets drunk since he's a robot... Well, every adult swim has to have it's alchoholic. 
Sugarlyn's avatar
Love the awesome artwork!
Skullredmist's avatar
dude, this is amazing
MrPicklesHtf's avatar
And to this I say... Yes!!!
KKGeek's avatar
So this is fry Leela and bender if they were real too cool
Purplegreendog6663's avatar
Hilarious! :D (Big Grin) Awesome work!Nod La la la la 
cactusthis's avatar
I really love the details in this!
FacuXavier's avatar
pretty cool!Clap I am a dummy! Clap I am a dummy! 
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Even though I am into other cartoons such as MLP, Futurama is still by far my favorite. The dynamic between the characters, the overall look of the show and the comedy were all great the first time around. sadly, the series reboot wasn't as good. Your drawing is just amazing!
1ArtistToRuleThemAll's avatar
Love the style and finally leela isnt made to be a supermodel but just normal
666inflames666's avatar
Awesome and hilarious design !!
InquieteNightshade's avatar
Wow, this is impressive, it even fits!
Lumanz's avatar
This is exceptional! I wish the show was even as cool as this. I am currently watching Season 5: Episode 6 as I type this, but your work is great. I wish they made toys of them like this style. if you don't mind, I am a figure customizer and I would love to make more realistic versions like this. Very Awesome work! My wife keeps telling me I need to upload my stuff anyway.
RobmanCartoons's avatar
they look so awesome, real like the way you made bender really look like a real metal robot from the future:D
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Yeah, fave series & character's ;p Great take on them :thumbsup:
DestiossDezak's avatar
The worlds first intoxicated robot :iconlarryplz:
StormTSmith's avatar
Bender is Great! Bender is Great!
Seriously, Bender is Great!
and Fry and Leela, too.
mapper3's avatar
Leela's hair looks a little odd. I love Bender, he really looks like an addictive (and addicting) stoner here. Nice job.
missaffron's avatar
WOW! There old an ugly
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