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World Socialist Flag

Idea for a flag of a world republic after the world revolution.
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I may re-use this in an edit. This is so awesome!
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Thankfully communism is nowadays on the trash of History and it should stay this way.
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Earth is flat
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It's the UN symbol with other stuff added to it.
inb4 people making UN conspiracy theories when in reality I just like the design.
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can i use this for a map game
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i hope i don`t live to see this or anyone for that matter:| (Blank Stare) 
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That's exactly what they want to create: a communist-globalist New World Order.
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I would be so happy if this would happen!
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Fuck Internationalism!
Fuck World Republic!
Fuck New World Order!
Fuck Globalism!
Fuck Communism!
Fuck International Socialism!
Fuck International Capitalism!
Fuck World Revolution!
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You used the U.N flag. I hate the U.N flag. You displease me with this work. ~ C
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Democratic Socialist Republic of the World
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how'd you make this awsome picture did you use photoshop if so which one ?
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I used Photoshop Elements 6. (Too poor for the main PS. Also it came with my pen tablet.) I just manipulated public domain shapes to make this.
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The Worker's Paradise that needs to build walls, put up barb wire fences, and keep soldiers with guns on it's border to keep the workers in.
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Very nice my friend. I like how you simply took the UN flag and altered it slightly, it looks as if it could have been a legitimate flag.
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i have a minor request for anyone who makes flags: please can u make this BUT have a North Korean Star on the world but faded? or just put in on the very top of the flag?
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A whisper goes around the world:
Worker, don't you hear it?
these are the voices of war ministers:
Worker don't you hear them?
Coal and steel producers are whispering,
Chemical warfare production is whispering too,
The whispering comes from all continents:
Mobilization against the Soviet union!
Workers, peasants, Arm yourselves,
Arm yourselves with guns.
Annihilate the fascist bandit armies,
set all Hearts on Fire!
Plant your Red banners of Labor
On every ramp, on every factory.
Rising from the ruins
of the old society
The socialist World Republic!

(Although I'm no fan of Stalinist Russia, I do enjoy that song and it's message. Most Communist really couldn't tell all of what Stalin was doing anyways.)
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You got that lyrics from this one video with the grub as king, right? Just wanna do a little correction, because the video is wrong. Well, it should be says "On every field, on every factory" instead of factory. Penislord out
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