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An Injury to One is an Injury to All

Just decided to design something with IWW symbolism with the Sabocat, the red and black diagonally bisected flag, and the IWW motto.

I'm not a member of the IWW as of now, but I might join someday.
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The design takes an old well known motif and turns it around so that it hooks your eyeballs. The choice of colours keeps it all nice and simple and gives it a sharp impact on the viewer. I especially like the motto and the black cat motif itself.

Apparently the black cat originated during a strike in a company town organised by the I.W.W. During their campaign they faced down strike breakers, local bent cops, hired thugs and scabs. A stray black cat was adopted by them after which the situation improved and they took it as their good luck mascot, so your design also harks back to an important part of labour history while being original. great work man,
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I have a T-shirt of this!
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I love this; in fact, I love it so much I had to make my own interpretation of it.
It could be seen as a sort of a tribute:
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Done, and thanks. Got a kick from the ignorant comments about IWW...but then, some of these ppl think Obama is a Marxist/fascist/communist. Talk about confused...
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Please let me know if you'd like this image/page tweeted.
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Irony. I say irony, because communist societies usually have concentration camps or gulags. Shouldn't their suffering be suffering to all? It's obviously not that way in their society.
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Yes, it is. Of course, being the type of conservative you are, you seem to be unable to comprehend the idea that a socialist would be totally against the Soviet Union, Cuba, China, Libya, North Korea, etc.
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I'm not denying it, but socialism does have a way to restrict freedom.
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Oh, and the Bible verse, "I am my brother's keeper," sounds awfully similar to "An injury to one is an injury to all," and "United we stand. Divided we fall."
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The bible also says, "thou shalt not steal". Property rights, much? :3

We should care for each other, but we shouldn't be forced to. We shouldn't have our rights taken away for the sake of that. It's better to be charitable with your own free will than to be forced to by a government entity, or an angry mob, in the case of an anarcho-socialist society.
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Well I've also heard the phrase "private property = theft" implying a different sort of property rights than what you might be talking about, one of firms and means of production being controlled by workers instead of CEOs.

So you note that yes, we should care for each other, yet you note not caring for others as somehow being a right, i.e., selfishness being a right.

Though I guess this is different perspectives. I kind of like the idea of seeing a railway or a bridge, or a spacecraft going to the deepest of deep space and knowing that I had a part in making that happen. Sure, tax dollars do go to bad stuff as well, but even the anarchist Henry David Thoreau stated in Civil Disobedience that it's better to pay taxes than not pay taxes because of the good things the taxes go to. Plus if all goes right (implying that the government would actually listen to people's demands) then those in power would be required to spend their revenue more wisely.

But I understand that you see it as coercive. I must admit that I do kind of understand what you're getting at, though I can't say I agree with it when looking at the unemployment and poverty and thinking that somehow private charities, including those based in for-profit firms will solve problems of poverty and starvation. We don't really have a society that promotes altruism and cooperation anyway, instead promoting a more dog-eat-dog mentality about bettering one another. Maybe it could work, if society became more altruistic, but I don't really see that happening without a major paradigm shift. That could very well be possible, but we don't have that now.
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I also see your point, but do you realize how dangerous it is to give the government power to redistribute wealth? To infringe on people's rights for the "greater good"? You're an anarchist, you could easily see that. As of now, income tax goes towards completely useless programs, and even toward an ongoing war in the Middle East that is doomed to fail.

I also work for these guys: [link]
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Yes I see that. But just because I want the system to be completely revamped, a new world from the ashes of the old, doesn't mean I can't also see what can be done with the system in the here and now. It's a matter of near vs more distant future.

Like at Occupy May Day, I saw a lecture by the Marxist academic David Harvey and despite being against capitalism he did not inherently despise a mixed economy. Which pissed off some Marxist-Leninist who yelled at him for daring to say something in favor of a still technically capitalist system asked him a perfectly reasonable question.

And nice of you to work for a charity/thrift store. I do too. [link]
But unfortunately, a lot of people don't do that, whether due to social alienation, laziness, or whatever.

Though I find it interesting that this VERY SRS culture war even extends to what charity thrift stores we spend time working for, lol.
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I find your commentary here very delightful. You have hit some points I've been trying to get across for a long time. Mike-the-cat is a staunch conservative, but not an unreasonable one. Not that any amount of words from either of us could likely change his worldview. None the less, I really enjoyed this response, as it is close to my own thoughts.
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Certainly better than Conservatoons or that Zane guy, though the latter one might actually be a troll. (Though with American internet conservatives it's sometimes hard to tell.)

And I find I agree a lot with Blamethe1st actually.
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Well I know that you have different views of what you call freedom than I do. I see having the basics for Maslow's hierarchy of needs as a necessity for society, one that we need to have to achieve the higher orders of more complex happiness for society. [link]

And I know you conservatives love to talk about the benefits of property ownership, but workers don't really own their property. It's like in a restaurant, if you drop your fork, you say "I dropped my fork." MY fork. But the restaurant is renting the fork out to you, just like the company rents out the property to workers. The workers don't actually own the property; they're basically serfs to a CEO lord.
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