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The Godhanar

Funny/joke pic featuring hanar from Mas Effect franchise, and the movie The Godfather.

Wondering how really are hanars, because at their homeworld they hire drells as assassins :p Maybe they have mafias and godfathers too :p

Art(c)2011 Jaleo

Characters, names and original designs, belong to BioWare.
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© 2011 - 2021 BullittJaleo
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This would be a tv show in the Mass Effect world
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"This One asks what sort of displeasure have committed to him that I should receive such displeasure in the form of an insult?"

A man wakes up in his bed and discovers the head of his pet varren left at the foot of the bed and he screams.
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Actually I think that's quite possible. Many hanars during the series had some shady business
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"This one wishes to make an offer to the one before it that cannot be refused."
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"This one wishes to introduce you to its miniscule compatriot."
"You come here, ask this one to do this thing, and you don't even bother to call this one GodHanar...."
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Ergmagergh ! You made my day xD
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By the 8 Divines YES
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I can't stop laughing while looking at it.
It fit pretty well. Nice work done~~~
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"This One is prepaired to make an offer to you that you will have a rather hard time saying no to."
"This One would like to know that Tonn Actus now is now slumbering along with the fishes."
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"This one is pleased.This one thinks that it will allow you to pet this one's pet."
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you sir are brilliant
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why does this look like it is true
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Cuz probably it this what happens :P
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Hanars: secretly ruling the galaxy since..., this is hilarious.
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Yeah it was funny too when I had the idea and drew it xP
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