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Journal CSS Steampunk-gothic

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© 2009 - 2020 BulletSD
This Journal CSS was designed by me for Meltina, but never used.
Steampunk-gothic style.


CSS для журнала Meltina.
Пришлось немного повозиться с "телевизором", но все получилось так как я хотел.

Для создания использовались:
Gear I by HamburgerJung
Machine 2 by Spiney Stock
Old paper 4 by villa arts
Old Paper by sampsonx
Old Paper HUGE 03 by Ayelie stock
Old Paper Texture7 by mademoiselle phoenix
Paper by struckdumb
skull by OptimusPrimeOwnz
Wire bendy case thing tutorial by sentimentalfreak
Rusted Surface by AutumnsGoddess stox
journal CSS by devthespook
CSS designed by Sketched-Dreams
Gears Transparent PNGs by redheadstock
Vector Flower Brushes by Yasny Chan
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geo67Professional General Artist
Thanks a lot, i'm using it in a collectable card/deck building game. I'll send you a shot of a card or two .
GrimmSkitz's avatar
GrimmSkitzHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm rather one of the most stupidest people here right now.. but how can I use this? I've downloaded it awhile ago.
Is it the little CSS note?
Augustyne's avatar
AugustyneStudent Traditional Artist
Where's the install button? :C it's really cool though!
HeartlessInu's avatar
HeartlessInuHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool! I'll have to use this sometime.
Bleeding-Fingertips's avatar
Bleeding-FingertipsHobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome. I even managed to change the little icon at the top right corner. However I am having trouble. When I submit a new jornal it doesn't show the whole thing. It is clipped out when viewing it on my page. How can I fix this? Also how do I add extra content boxes for commission info and such. That and I can't seem to align the logo in the small box at the top right in the middle.
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BulletSDHobbyist Interface Designer
Sorry, it was a very long time ago when I worked with css. I've forgotten how to adjust it. I tested this code now, and it display the completely correct for me. I would like to help, but i can't. Try to look tutorial on css. Or try to remove "Bold" on text.
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TazPoltorakProfessional General Artist
featured [link]
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ameliajoonHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!
Quco's avatar
QucoHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much for this! im sooo gunna use iiit!!! :love:
BulletSD's avatar
BulletSDHobbyist Interface Designer
I'm glad that you liked it
Quco's avatar
QucoHobbyist Digital Artist
yup! :3
i really did!
2dazed's avatar
Thanks for having it as a download! I love it!
Whispered-Time's avatar
Whispered-TimeStudent Digital Artist
I don't see any "install to journal" button and I can't download this because my computer will screw up.
Tenmatic's avatar
This is just amazing, I've been looking for a steampunk journal skin, and I have to say that this one looks good. 8D
BulletSD's avatar
BulletSDHobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks a lot ) & enjoy!
Tenmatic's avatar
My pleasure. :)
Forty-Fathoms's avatar
Forty-FathomsProfessional Digital Artist
Is there any way of changing the picture in the top right-handed corner, the one with the frame? I don't have a program to make it look nice to put in my own picture. So is there an code area in the journal css to where all I have to do is post a url and the picture is changed from the original sample picture?
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BulletSDHobbyist Interface Designer
Yes there is code area. It can be found in #######CSS#######

.photo_{background:url([link])470px 40px;position:absolute;background-repeat:no-repeat;top:0;left:0}

Just change url of picture
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EllriNidhoggProfessional General Artist
can we use it?
BulletSD's avatar
BulletSDHobbyist Interface Designer
of course
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SilverPixiGirlProfessional Interface Designer
Nice! :clap: I like it!
BulletSD's avatar
BulletSDHobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks :dance:
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axiabettyHobbyist Digital Artist
i clicked the wrong button XD the print request instead to the download XDDD
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