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RE - Pixel Style - V2

Resident Evil

Lowered contrast on wooden floor.
Added lighting effects all around.
Took out the bullet streams.
Moved pictures, and added 2 windows.
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Hi! I found this image some years ago and it had it saved on my HDD for years.
Just because i was bored, i created a 3D Version of this rooms with Blender & Unity Engine about a year ago.…

And yes, there's even a playable "concept" for a game (walk to the door on the top of the screen and you get to the room. You can kill the zombies, but there are just those 2 rooms)

I don't have any further plans for this project and it's far from being perfect, i just thought you might wanted to know that someone spent hours counting pixels on your image to get all the aspect ratios 100% correct. I still love this pixel art! Well done I am a dummy! 
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Resident Evil + Pixels = Sweeet.
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that is bloody amazing.

Very detailed piece of art
Sanguinex's avatar
I love this! Brilliant!
GrowingUpNextMonday's avatar
Nice work. and with the MGS one. Some ideas for other pixel game scenes: splinter cell, forbidden siren, silent hill, thief etc.
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I just noticed....
This puts me in mind of the old Super Nintendo "Shadowrun" game. XD
LaughingMan008's avatar
Love it!
You should make your own game! XD

ciircle's avatar
man, i love good pixel art
and this is some of the best

especially re-enactment scenese :)
props to ya
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Really nice work, I like it. Nice detail and lighting/shadow effects.
jodeva's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is amazing! Keep up the great work, man! :)
breezee's avatar
totally freakin love the licker on the wall... great stuff.. really reminds me of the games!
wetflame's avatar
fantastic work, looking very good :) (Smile)
techstudio's avatar
its perfect!!!!!! i like the dark, and the details!! nice creatures too!!
soulsweeper's avatar

impossible!! its perfect, this could be the game in a gameboy console, no more words to describe it!
yachtclub's avatar
Incredible works. I'm probably as big a fan as yourself. Excellent piece. I bought a Gamecube just to own the whole RE collection.

*p.s. - You know that is way too much light for a RE scene. Nice and dark is that type.
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man this thing looks great
jamiemiller's avatar
i actually like the 1st version better, this ones a bit too dark to me. great work though
damie-m's avatar
hahaahah! sweeeeet!
synchra's avatar
now it's i my faves. ::smacks self:: i am the admin of that club and hopefully all the lp fans like res evil too now cause it's been favorited there. haha. oops. o.O
linkinparkfans's avatar
shit i was on the wrong name!!! gotta fix that now! i will add this to my faves when i am on the right name! haha! oops!
linkinparkfans's avatar
ooh damn!! i love this!!!! it kicks my bootie all the way! i gotta put this in my faves!! ::adds to faves::
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this loooks nicer than the previous. the floor texture is better and it creates a gloomy, evil atmosphere. nice one. +FAV
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