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Since I no longer give a shit about monthly journals like... pretty much everyone else.. thought I'll just write one for heads up for those who survived the massive DeviantArt abandonment so far and still have eyes on my gallery for some reason?? Or new people? Thank you so much though, may the sun bring you light, warmth and vitamin D! Praise the sun!

So yeh... DeviantArt is kinda... dying, innit? Well, I'm still gonna upload my work as always, but since I'm also in college with an art related study I'm slowly trying to make more original art. I also started to post on my ArtStation because I really don't like the layout of DeviantArt, and there's a lot more stuff around there by people who are ""closer to my future""-career wise. So it's better if I'd invite myself to that party too and awkwardly sneak into the conversation.

I've been sharing my work on DeviantArt for almost 7 years now, starting out as fan-artist and hobbyist. I'd still do some fan-art every now and then probably cus how can't I if there's so much stuff I love? And my hobby became more like an obsession where I'd dig my nails at night when getting a new idea cus I can't work on it. But yeah I want to learn and grow into more of a concept artist, and make the best out of my study instead of being a fandom artist for the hyped fans months lol I want to create fucking worlds with thought through characters and viking soundtracks or some shit lmao especially since I realized I always liked narrative. And I fucking love nature?? Places are breath taking why am I not creating them?? But.. I am so far glad that I finally start to like my own characters like a proud mother. 

Ok bye
Here's my latest speedpainting. I realized Im like... making speedpaintings only once a year wtf? Has to change...

Apart from just the fancier looking gallery on ArtStation, I can recommend my Instagram as well since I'm more active there with works in progress pics or shit I won't finish and am too embarassed to post the whole thing to finished art galleries like on DA, Tumblr or ArtStation. 

Either way, I'm still logging in daily on all my accounts. So it's not like I'll let them rot just cus I'm gonna focus on more original stuff. I'd still reply on shit at the speed of light as always. My only true talent.
Its been months since I updated this thing but I just dont care :')
Now my summer break has started I hope to make some progress on lots of drawings until I have to get back ;_;
But I'm also looking forward to it, so thats good.

Just finished realistic Murdoc Niccals! So the realistic Gorillaz bandmembers series are done!! URHG Its been 9 months. Watch the speedpaintings here! I do want to make at least one more realistic Gorillaz drawing with al of them full body shot. Really satisfied with the almost finished sketch so far, really excited! I'm definitely going to record the progress of that one too!
As for the cartoon fan art... now that the big pieces are finished, I have some time for some cartoons. Phase 4 has an interesting feel to it that I definitely want to try out more!

Apart from that Im just going to continue making more art for this post-apoc story that came together pretty well, shout out to TutorialHoarder for wanting to listen to ma big ass idea and help me out with so much stuff!!!! Thank you so much! Honestly, shit, it has changed so much since my Applepilot drawing.
And of course I want to make some art for two other stories I have to start write, but these stories give my art more of a directions instead of just illutrations. Which I also like, but the "concept art" for stories is really interesting.

Just finished my sword for my second cosplay, Senua from the upcoming game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.
Now going to work on the rest and I'm really excited!

If anyone is interested in progress pictures of my work and stuff, I post them on my 
Instagram. I just don't like unfinished stuff on DeviantArt and Tumblr that much. 

Enjoy your summer!! :')
So many drawings left unfinished, and I keep starting new ones. But I kind of like having a shitload to work on.
I will never get fed up with a drawing cus I can easily switch to another one. But damn I always feel like I'm not making any
progress on them. 
I really want to get back at speedpainting vids. It's been a year since the last one!! I love making those.
Especially of some of my post-apoc characters that I'm kind of fleshing out a bit more.

I wish I had some holiday but the last one was around new year and the upcoming one is in May.
But I'm slowly getting there. Ow shit and then my cosplay.... only working on it during the weekends if I can AAAHHHH

30k pageviews tho!! My goodness 4 years with this account already. Thanks everybody!!
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After sketching, colouring and deleting twice already, I finally made the sketch that I'll be offically using for realistic Noodle.
I used to hated the idea of making Gorillaz into real people for some reason... I just couldn't see it... but hell I got on the hype train! I already sketched out another realistic piece of all of them together, full body shot. Like a realistic band photoshoot where I'm trying to snuck in as many references as possible cus who doesn't love details.

Although I'm so hyped to do more of these realistic ones and improve everytime, I want to save some time for non fan art pieces as well. Cus besides the realistic ones, I'm working on their cartoon selfs too!
And I don't want to be JUST a Gorillaz fan artist, as much as I truly love the band and the drawing style... there are too many ideas floating around in my head that I desperately want to throw in front of my eyes... make it somewhat... more real to me. I used to have a lot of people complaining about me drawing other things than Gorillaz all of a sudden like 5 years ago on my old account. Of course I understand people for following artists for certain content, you're never forced to stay... but it was really annoying that they made me feel like a machine :/
If you feel the lack of certain content then go away, keep your mouth shut, or respectfully wait for it. Sure you can ask about it, but I'm pretty sure no one wants to feel like they're just feeding the hungry lions.
And when it comes to fan art... I personally have to take the risk for publishing it and hope no bitch photoshops away my signature, aka my effort. Such things really makes one question if they even should continue on making fan art if people don't even appreciate it in the right way.

I'm working on so many things at the same time, as well as recording them for new speedpaintings which I probably haven't done in a whole year already! Plus I soon want to start drawing more environment too. Get these worlds my characters live in out there too. But of course I know that all these ideas don't roll out fast enough for my liking, they come together too slow due to school. Despite I noticed I'm a bit faster than before... it still feels like I'm sitting back and relax too long while drawing which makes me bored at some point. I hate that.

I ever made a facebook page for WIPs, sketches and to be easier tagged in case of costume events...
but facebook felt too messy so to keep things short, Instagram it is for me now.
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Woop so ok first holiday since September fucking finally!
Im going to work on my second cosplay, some random original stuff and some phase 4 Gorillaz fan art. Obviously.... after I did homework.... 
I dont have anything else to say except for happy new year, cus Im not sure if im going to make it till then. And if, then I'll be probably be sick all 2016. OMFG CAN we all CRY RIGHT NOW Seriously those without a tumblr or instagram or I dunno who are just... having that Gorillaz fb page Like and nothing else, have no idea THAT THE ENTIRE SHIT IS GOING DOWN.
Pfftt.. aboard the hype train... HOW ABOUT FRICKIN UNDER IT WITH DYNAMITE THis whole fucking shit of "something different/new" and "giving every character a real voice and singing" FUCKS ME UP WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN also save David Bowie cus 4 people above age 60 died after working with them.
My love for this band becomes abusive, I want Murdoc to run me over with his car. One moment im just chilling and the moment news spreads SOME PEOPLE SHOULD ARREST ME AND PUT ME IN MENTAL HOSPITALS cus honestly Im like.... a mix between raging 10y/o gamers and crazy kids opening their xmas presents, with a hint of demon possession.
Ok and I just saw Star Wars 7 brah them feels hit me hard im in pain
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why the fuck does the new picture on Hewlett's instagram remINDS ME A SHITLOAD OF MY 2D DRAWING