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Following the timeline of Sodality, Ciem doesn't have much in the way of a solo adventure until Centipede + 49.  Somehow, this means she feels slighted.  She rarely gets to be the central focus at all in Sodality, and she's a Dozerfleet flagship character.  Due to how it would contradict with Sodality continuity, bringing back Vigilante Centipede is not an option.  But Ciem is now left without a solo career. 

Plans for a solo story were later determined would make more sense for Mapacha.  So this is where you come in.  Can you come up with an enemy for Ciem to battle in Arkansas in the year 2023?  The best entry will be entered into Dozerfleet canon, with the proposer receiving writing credit for the premise.  (No shared royalty if the work is ever published, but you will be acknowledged or even outright promoted.)


- Your pitch must not contradict any established canon or characterizations, nor the story's worldview.  Entries that violate these fundamentals will be rejected.

- Arkansas is at this point part of "Toklisana."  The northeastern US has been taken over by villains.  There is no United States in this timeline by this point.

- Candice "Candi" Marie Flippo-Levens-McArthur / Ciem is a near-24-year-old Indo-Persian Mulatto Centhuen Prototype.  She has the powers of a centipede, as defined here.

- Donte McArthur / Emeraldon, her husband, cannot intervene until the end.  She must still be the primary one responsible for defeating whoever the new enemy is.  Also, her son Frank can be acknowledged, but must not play a major role in the story.  I don't want this to turn into The Incredibles.

- Candi can acknowledge the Sodality exists, but valid reasons must be given for why they cannot intervene in this adventure.  Think of how "Iron Man 3" went out of its way to ensure the Avengers didn't play a role in that movie. 

- Has to happen in Arkansas or some other part of Toklisana.  Cannot happen in Ameristan, Chimerica, Netheel, or any other part of the world.  I don't want this to turn into an alternate company equivalent of The Wolverine.  Mukade's adventures in Japan before Sodality already have parallels to that.

- Fan art is acceptable, if you can create a consistent look for the character outside of my usual visual format.  Submissions will be reviewed before being considered for the wiki.  Preferably nothing which excessively sexualizes the character.  She carries her sexuality on her own quite fine without cheesy and shallow "spice-up" methods. (e.g., inflated breasts, making the outfit more stripper-like, slanted anime eyes, stripper seduction poses, etc.)  That being said, visuals that make her look more like something a professional at Marvel or DC would draw are welcome.

- She lives in Waco.  So explanation is needed for how she gets to Arkansas.  The villain has to somehow be responsible for her transport.  The other heroes cannot know how she got there or that she is there.

- Study up on the character's history and mythos, and make sure her mannerisms are consistent with Cataclysmic Gerosha canon.

- Logos aren't necessary, but submissions will be looked at and the best proposals given honorable mention.

- You don't retain rights to the story, though you will be given honorable mention for it. 

- You do, however, retain rights to your fan art.  With your permission, you will grant an irrevocable permission to Dozerfleet Comics to feature a reduced-size version of artwork of yours you'd like submitted to the database at DozerfleetWiki.  Image will be credited in your name.  Usernames will be listed, though it is preferred you give your real name so proper credit can be given.

- No glorifying drugs, heroine may not engage in any sex, no excessively porny descriptions of any other characters involved in sex, preferably no LGBT themes (those only lead to bickering), no blasphemy, keep swearing to a minimum.  You may imply nudity in the premise, but no artwork featuring nudity will be allowed on the wiki.

- Questions should be directed to this post about anything not covered in it.


If your entry is accepted, the story derived from it will be added to the "Navbox Gerosha Chronicles" template on DozerfleetWiki, allowing all Gerosha-themed articles to link to it.  It will become an official "Standalone" entry in Cataclysmic Gerosha's continuity list, and you will be given credit for the idea.  If Hollywood ever comes knocking, I'll contact you about it.

Thank you for your interest and time.  Please send me links of any pitches you develop or associated artworks.  Or, if you wish to do Ciem fanart within the Sodality or Battle for Metheel or Centipede + 49 timelines, send me links to those as well.  I'll give kudos to those of you with the best entries.
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