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The first in a series of similar posts.  Today, I'm discussing Emily Anya Barnes...both the original by :iconprodigal-gamer:, and the Camelorum Adventures adaptation version - who eventually dons the mantle of "Semaphore."

In the original, Emily is the driver and the car crashes into the fountain.  The Jens are in on separate DUI charges.  They are all kept at the Floyd County Jail, not Camelorum.  They are in Virginia, as opposed to Delaware. 

Based on my searching around for laws in Delaware, Emily's sentence of one year plus fines (made up for with labor) for a first-time offense is...almost logical. 

A first-time offense in the real Delaware is 6 months for a first-time offense.  In Virginia, it's a heavy fine and, at worst, five days in jail.

In Camelorum Adventures, Emily wasn't the driver.  Jenny Jane was!  Emily was merely a passenger. 

The setting is moved to Delaware, so that Dromedary Heights (and the Grillitan Diner by extension) can be located closer to Giddewaltz, adopted home the Trapezoid Kids.  (Thus cementing the Camelorum girls as being part of that same world.)

However, this version of Emily did flee the scene and try to lay low.  Her kaleidoscope hair betrayed her identity, leading to her arrest a few days after.  That's one count of being drunk in public, and one count of eluding capture.  The fine for being drunk in public (but otherwise, not hurting anything) would be a fine.  She's more than rich enough to pay the fine, so it'd be a slap on the wrist. 

Eluding capture the way she did would, at worst, get her one year.  (Consistent with the original's sentence, though still longer than she'd get in real life!)

Yet, in the story, she's sent to 3 years + labor; which would be more consistent with a 4th-time offending driver in Delaware!  For merely being a passenger who didn't anticipate hitting the fountain, she would not necessarily faced any charges in real life. 

Verdict: She got convicted in a kangaroo court.  The judge's decisions were based not on evidence; but on personal retribution (concerning the statue at the fountain's center being destroyed) and on bigotry (he really, really, REALLY hates Xomified Altered Humans!!!)

Emily's real reason for being in jail, is simply because her kaleidoscopic hair makes her a "freak." 

Perhaps the biggest blow of all to Emily, is just how few really are about her situation enough to help her find a way out of it.  The local pastor cares.  Stan cares.  Her fellow inmates seem to care.  Her sister cares.  The rest of her family...doesn't seem to care at all.  Most of the city?  They couldn't care less about her, or her problems.  Even after she saves the city as Semaphore - twice - nobody is standing up for her outside of the few mentioned above. 

Even Candace gets an unwanted cult of personality of child fans demanding her early release!  What does Emily get?  Silence.  They just don't care.  That hurts her in the end a lot worse than being locked up ever will!  By the end of Friendly Competition, she does begin to have a fandom of sorts.  Yet, they're still insignificant to her compared to Candace's growing fan club. 

By then, she's almost on her way out of jail.  So there's no point in growing jealous of Candace's popularity (which hasn't helped Candace much either, surprisingly enough!)
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Submitted on
May 12, 2016