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You must be the local defenders?

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After slicing off one of Goldar's shoulder pads and forcing him to retreat, Volkonir found himself up against Super LlamaDog - who proved a lot harder to push around than the original!  Some colorful heroes showed up to help him, after helping get Kayla away from the Super Putties that wouldn't go down as easily.

Vinny: "You guys must be local.  Kayla and I are a little lost here."

Tommy: "We'll take it from here."

Vinny: "Watch yourself.  This new guy isn't the same paper tiger as the previous one."

Kim: "LlamaDog was a paper tiger?  Maybe you should lend a hand here a bit longer?"

Billy:  "Agreed.  We still have no idea what happened to Jason, Zack, or Trini."

Tommy: "Oh man!  I hate this!  Fine!  But we should see if Alpha can get Kayla out of here."

Kayla: "Where to?"

Billy: "Alpha.  Can you lock on to Kayla and get her out of here?  She's not from this dimension.  But she appears to be on our side."

Alpha: "Aiy yi yi!  Absolutely, Billy!  But I have to activate the safety cage until we know for sure!"

Zordon: "That will not take long to ascertain."

SuperLlamaDog: "Don't keep me waiting, Rangers!  Nor that new knight friend of yours, whoever he is!"
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