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Wallpaper:Half Yourself a Scary Li'l Krampusnacht

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The year is 2020.  The setting?  Earth-G7.  America has fallen.  The world is in chaos.  Civil war hits China as well as America, as the lands battle to define their souls.  It has been a year since Candi McArthur and Dolly Malestrom risked their lives to flee to Texas - and almost didn't make it to Houston alive!  Icy Finger monsters, Hebbleskin raids, etc.  But the Horrorday Gang needed to feed.  They figured that the Sodality was pretty busy dealing with Triumvirate nonsense.  However, even the Gray Champion couldn't keep up with government corruption anymore!  And, short of becoming a full-blown outlaw, he had no means to help depose the tyrants that seemed to be popping up everywhere in this separated-from-God new world!

Worse: the enemy was becoming increasingly proficient at setting Tug traps, making it very hard for such high-Marlquaan beings as John Domeck and Eric Opendi to make a move!  They would soon need the Sodality, as much as the Sodality would need them, if they were to stop the out-of-control Judge Terry Beliah.

Yet, in the midst of running around like headless chickens trying to weed out Triumvirate sympathizers from state governments; the Sodality of Gerosha had little time to go after the other, more traditional big time globalist villains on the world stage!  The Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, what-have-you crowd endured the scourge of Halal Affadidah.  They were now working in tandem with Rappaccini's Triumvirate.  But they weren't interested in running the Screwworm Network.  These guys...had more traditional ways to poison the world into capitulation to global evil!

After they released a toxic mold spore from a lab in China, it infected the pigs.  Those who slaughtered the pigs, became violently ill.  The spores spread, and their diabolical plan was truly born: weaponize the spores...subjugate the world, and bill it as a virus!  After all: it didn't take long to get into the wet markets; as unethical Chinese slaughterhouse workers sold infected meat to make a profit.  Gotta make money to impress your parents with, no matter what; it's a cultural thing!  (Depraved culture, but that's supposedly irrelevant.)

From there, it infected bats.  It produces toxins inside the human body; which the body produces exosomes to fight off.  And from there, the symptoms...are virtually identical to those of a virus!

This led to excessive lockdowns, with excessive, unnecessary, illogical, and often contradictory restrictions popping up left and right.  Hospitals began murdering patients, then collecting fraudulent money.  Nurses who spoke out, where not protected by whistleblower laws anymore.  Organized crime seemed to be everywhere.  And the Sodality could only focus at that time on fighting Hebbleskin Gang acts of aggression!

They lost their college dorm rooms to evacuations.  Then, their alternate housing options began to fall apart one-by-one.  Candi, Dolly, Celia, Jordan, Donte, Laurie, Jeral, Emily, and more soon had worse than co-fung and SCALLOP Kirby Act enforcement madness making them homeless (and sometimes jailed for no good reason) to worry about!

The culture was infected with something far worse: Pharisaic Elitist Mask Cultism!  Making matters worse, elitists were often total hypocrites!  So if the Kirby Act didn't make them criminals for existing, the unconstitutional, never-moral, never-law, color-of-law-only executive orders meant that one false move could get the Karens attacking them!  As if the Hebbleskins and their monsters weren't bad enough!

Antiheroes to the (sort of) rescue

Two companies started developing a vaccine to the mold spore.  Only, the Russian one was the only authentic one.  The other was a sick con game, to turn the masses into cyborgs with half their faces going stiff - developed by a drug company sued countless times in the past for wrongful death; yet nearly always protected to some degree by corrupt judges.  The Sodality was at a loss for how to handle this much evil all at once!  

Someone had to make the unethical judges pay!  Someone had to make the Gates family and the criminal cabal drug companies pay!  Someone...who wouldn't immediately trigger their alarms, and lead to their Tug installations being activated!  

Not even Plum Bixie could do it!  And it would be arrogant for the land to assume God would send Cherinob to fix all their problems; even if it repented of abortion and sexual anarcho-tyranny!  Only a madman would want the Angel of Radioactive Death and Destruction roaming about the countryside willy-nilly!  

But there was one entity that all these evil globalist players had foolishly pissed off in the past.  One that they wouldn't be able to take down nor bog down so easily: the Horrorday Gang!

Meet the Horrorday Gang

These beings were granted powers in the past that made some of them nigh-immortal; but at the expense of also turning them into freakish perversions of Christmas mascots.  To stay out of trouble most of the year, they formed a cult in northern Greenland, and then developed their own sovereign state: Nordreichdun, which seceded from Denmark.  Half the year, Adolphus "Krampus" Krauss slumbers in a coffin, like a sort of Yuletide Dracula with goat horns.  His minions include Jerry the Psycho Reindeer, Luca the Snowmobster, Perchta, the Tomte, and more.  His royal guard, the Straggele, maintain order.

But right around December 5th of most years, Krampus arises from his slumber.  He must feed.  However, the innocent blood he craves can mean bad karma.  So to protect his subjects, and himself, he tries to find prey that won't be missed (much.)  

In 2020, those who pulled the co-fung Hegelian Dialectic, as well as the Mask Pharisee Karens whose snitching destroyed lives needlessly, made it to Krampus' extra-naughty list!  And now, it's feeding time!

In this picture

Krampus applies his "corrupting touch" to a holly-jolly house where a Karen lives.  Anything festive, is transformed into a symbol of dread - even by such simple means as sucking all the color out of it!   He means to snack on this disgusting middle-aged destroyer-of-neighbors; before moving on to the next targets!

Any of her worthless friends in the area; are free game for Luca, Jerry, Perchta, or Tomte, who stalk the neighborhood for extra-naughty-list targets!  And if the Horrorday Gang needs backup?  The Straggele will be there!

He's made out a list, and he'll check it thrice, determined to know whose organs he'll slice!  

He knows when you've been creepin', and also if you're fake!  

He'll know if you've been bad (or worse!); he might BURN YOU AT THE STAKE!

Jerry the Psycho Reindeer was once Gerald Smack, a man who could barely speak a single intelligible sentence; but had a kind heart.  Torture, abuse, unethical science experiments by Icy Finger personnel, being left for dead, and watching his one mentor / employer get brutally murdered by other Tariaksuk led this nigh-invulnerable-yet-mentally-challenged monster on a rampage of chainsaw murder revenge!  With nowhere else to go, he became Krampus' chauffeur.  He drives a flying vessel often dubbed the "Slay Sleigh."  He's also really good with wielding chainsaws, as if he were Leatherface!

Jerry the Psycho Reindeer, always had a bloody nose!  Got dead rats in his mailbox; followed everywhere he goes!  Until them gangsta reindeer; tried to toss him in the flames!  They beat the snot out of Jerry, them inside their reindeer gangs!

Then came the mutiny on Christmas Eve.  Santa coughed up blood to spray: "Jerry, here's a chainsaw or three!  Please, avenge my memory!"

Now other reindeer fear him; as they scream in agony: "Jerry the Psycho Reindeer!"  Now...the rest are history!

Luca the Snowmobster was once known more as Luca Ricci, a typical, average New York mobster in the 1940s.  Like something right out of The Godfather!   Then, some mishaps made him a frost elemental Marlquaanite, that seems to be able to assume the form of a snowman-like abomination.  He can turn himself into almost anything, made of a snow-like substance.  Or wield snow and ice to his whims!  But mostly, he just likes to wield a Tommy gun, and go back to his gangstering ways!

Krampus made this monster his second-in-command over Nordreichdun; the viceroy  and underboss who runs "the business" while "the Don" sleeps half the year.  You wouldn't wanna run into either, but you have a slightly greater chance of meeting Luca than Krampus himself!  He'll make behaving yourself this Yuletide an offer you can't refuse!  He's basically Evil Frosty.  Capice?

The history must be tragic in that M16 they found!  For once they placed it in his hands, he extorted the whole town!

Perchta was once known as Polly Ann Wilson.  Then, she was abducted.  She lived in a Belgian brothel as an underaged slave for years.  But stumbled upon a Marlquaanite ruby, and used it to give herself powers.  This was on her execution day, as her caretakers were getting bored of her, and wanted to kill her off to make room for "fresh meat."

After turning herself into a living weapon, with arms that could shape themselves into almost anything, this freakish abused child with a grudge began her own campaign to make traffickers suffer before they died!  Her determination toward revenge against human trafficking cartels was so impressive, that Krampus hired her to be the director of Nordreichdun's intelligence committee!  She also manages a few other affairs of Nordriechdun, acting as the Horrorday Gang's consigliere.  

She does have one major personality quirk: an inability to handle the thought of anyone else turning into her.  So if she raids a brothel, any child that has not yet been used, she'll spare.  Any child already ruined, she mercy-kills.  Making her in some ways just as much a monster as those she hunts to extinction!

The Tomte.  Little is known about this mischievous midget.  But only in a pinch, can Krampus move faster!  Tomte's lightning speed makes him perfect for tying up and torturing victims before they have time to process what's even happening to them!  You don't mess with the Tomte, and live!

Salik Skifte is captain of the Straggele.  And a pretty decent fighter on his own.  Outside his horrendous outfit, he's not that bad.  And, he's just a normal Inuit man, brainwashed into the Krampus cult.  His lovely assistant is Ivalu Molgaard.
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