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Volkonir meets MMPR preview - 2017 Rangers

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Scene from: "Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers" (preview of what's to come)
Made with: "The Sims 4: City Living"

Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers is on hiatus, with more images to complete the webcomic slideshow on DeviantArt coming when I have the time to finish it.

Gwirmalesh and Slasionnach miscalculated when activating the device they stole from Hanom.  It caused a rift in the Percolation Wave, that bonded to Slaisionnach.  Slaisionnach brought three '93 Rangers into Volkonir's world, then almost killed the Red Ranger.  His antics also confused police, who tracked down and mistakenly arrested the Black and Yellow Rangers of 1993. 

Meanwhile, Volkonir and Kayla are trapped in the 1993 Rangers' world.  They're being held at the Command Center, since their mere presence invites trouble.  Slaisionnach - the only being so far tough enough to take on Volkonir's Golden Lion Knight form - is now in the Rangers' world!  And with Rita's enhancements, he will soon be more than the '93 Rangers and Volkonir can handle!  If only Kayla had powers at that point in her timeline!

A frustrated Hanom and Zordon, running out of ideas, do the only semi-logical thing they can: they contact MODM from the Dromedeverse (Camelorum Adventures), a man who specializes in walking between worlds! 

MODM's plan?  "Borrow" Rangers from at least two other timelines, of course!


Earlier, a preview shot established that yes, MODM will be inviting the Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers to the 1993 Rangers' world!  But that's not all!  Super Slaisionnach is in for a huge surprise when the Power Rangers of the 2017 film are also gunning for him!

Note: This crossover is not authorized by Saban, nor Boom! Studios.  Not yet, anyway.


Depending on the success I have with helmet designs, I may offer these 2017 Ranger suits as downloads.  They are not exact matches to the film, but are approximations that involve recolors of the Sixam alien suits from The Sims 4: Get to Work.

The female Rangers' suits don't all have film-accurate glow effects, especially not in the chest.  The male suits are only slightly more film-accurate.

Suits will come in seven flavors, if made available for download:

Male: Red, Black, Blue, Green-with-lots-of-gold-trims-and-accents
Female: Pink, Yellow, Green-with-a-few-gold-trims-and-accents

This is because I suspect that if / when Tommy arrives to become the Green Ranger in Power Rangers 2 in 2019 or whenever, he will somehow have more gold plating due to acquiring access to the Dragonzord - which Rita appears to have lost access to, since there was very little gold in her Green Ranger suit.  (In exchange, she somehow mastered making automatons, as the new Goldar is one.  One of many huge plot holes that a sequel would definitely help to fill in.) 
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