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This sure ain't Bozeman

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Unfortunately, the fight didn't go well for Jason.  Masato was able to use the diversion just long enough to come up with a way to hurt Slaisionnach, forcing a retreat.  But as Jason de-morphed, it was clear that something was off.  His armor had been pierced, and his left arm was bleeding pretty badly!  Parts of it appeared also to be swelling.

Masato: "Dr. Hanom!  Man down!  And his arm not look good!"

Jason: "It really hurts!"

Hanom: "Get him to the lab, Masato!  He'll need to stay in the hospital eventually, but checking him in with an invalid-to-our-universe ID could cause some friction.  Slaisionnach is venomous.  Fortunately, Vinny and I cooked up an antidote.  Even so, his vitals will need to be monitored.  Any damage to his internal organs should be corrected by the anti-venom; but it will take time.  He's got quite a fight ahead of him!"

Masato: "Get Carlos here!"

Hanom: "I'm sending him with a car right now!"

Slaisionnach was upset that he needed to fall back; yet delighted that he could cause such harm to a complete stranger.  Even so...would Gwirmalesh really care?  If these Percolations destabilized the EccentriaVerse too much, there might not be an EccentriaVerse Earth left for Gwirmalesh to conquer!  Would Gwirmalesh and Hanom have to reach a temporary truce?  This sounded too bad to be true!

Vinny and Kayla weren't entirely happy with where they wound up either.

Vinny: "My father warned me of the Percolation Wave.  I didn't think Hiktomoph would find a way to make us into Temps with it!"

Kayla: "Yeah.  We'd better keep a low profile though.  If this isn't our world, any thing we do might draw unwanted attention."

Vinny: "So...where are we supposed to be, you figure?  Because I'm pretty sure this is not Bozeman!"

Kayla: "I dunno.  Looks like a suburb of LA to me."

Vinny: "You've been to LA?"

Kayla: "Once.  When I was young.  My mom took me on a trip to Hollywood the summer vacation after the Treaders messed up my entire life.  The judge at my juvie hearing was a jackass.  He said all I was ever destined to be was a menace.  My mom wanted to cheer me up, because she could see I was still hurt by those words."

Vinny: "I would've threatened him with Selshon for that!"

Kayla: "Totally not the right circumstantial response.  So, while I don't like saying this..."

Vinny: "It was for the best I was still in that infernal stuffed toy at the time?"

Kayla: "Well, I didn't wanna say it like that..."

Vinny: "It's okay.  I deserved it."

Kayla: "Maybe something, but, not that!"
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