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The Tale of Plum Bixie

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Scene from: The Gerosha Chronicles: The Tale of Plumb Bixie

Made with: Far Cry 5 (PS4)

Zize (pronounced "Sih-Suh") "Violet" Choi grew up in the streets of Xian, China.  She longed to do something about the growing global Hebbleskin and Icy Finger threat, and rise above the level of being a petty thief.  However, when offered a chance to join a drug cartel, she instead exposed the cartel and helped authorities bring it down - causing several members of the cartel to target her due to key members being executed by the government.

She hoped that making Xian drug-free would earn her a chance to become respectable, as she hadn't been given a chance at a legitimate life before that.  Yet, the MSS took interest in her, and recruited her to the same program as Mingmei Cheng - who became a hero with the alias of "Stung Hornet" after exposing a corrupt superior and risking her life to defeat him.  Zize grew envious of "Big Sister" Mingmei - who was always out-classing her.

However, Zize didn't like being forced into being a prostitute as a means to being an undercover spy.  She wondered how Mingmei could tolerate it so much, and wondered if there were something wrong with her for not finding the work as enjoyable as Mingmei did.  They both longed to move to doing something more dignified, and they soon got their wishes - but not as they'd expected.

Her sheer prowess at going above and beyond the call of duty in taking down Hebbleskins and spying on American diplomats (and later, on Toklisanan ones) led to Mingmei finally being allowed to work for the esteemed hunter of Hebbleskins known as Shing "Black Rat" Xu - just in time to foil another Hebbleskin raid on another part of China.  Mingmei would eventually be joined by teammates Tin Dragon and Teal Hog, and would later gain Steve McLaine and Miriam "Sniperbadger" Flippo to her team.  They'd bond, and go on many adventures together.

However...Zize was denied the chance to work for Shing.  Extirpon and Ciem's failure to completely negate the destructive impact of the Hebbleskins and Icy Finger detonating Yellowstone thrust America into chaos.  As the eastern US fell and the south formed its own Toklisana entity to resist Triumvirate control; the west and northwest fell. 

China took over California, Oregon, and Washington states to create "Chimerica," thus cutting off the Hebbleskins.  With Affadidah's quasi-Islamic cult now controlling the eastern US and China the west coast, and Toklisana the south, that left a large pocket in the middle - which the Hebbleskins sought to fill themselves.

Lines had been drawn, and the northwest frontier folk soon found themselves with no one left to defend them.  They only knew one thing for certain: this satanic Hebbleskin cult from another planet was out of control, and the locals who hadn't been seduced were having none of it.

Zize found herself initially thrown out of regular spy work and back into espionage prostitution, very annoyed that Mingmei got promoted and that her superiors saw her as nothing but a whore.  She didn't blame Mingmei; only her supervisors in Beijing.  Zize only wanted to give herself to a man she could truly fall in love with.  But what did love even mean anymore?  After target number 27, she found the intimacy part of her job harder to feign.  She was going through the motions, and it made her sick.  She prayed that anyone listening in the beyond give her a chance to reinvent herself - give her a new life.

Then came the big mission: she was sent to sleep with Target Number 36 in the new colonies, and dreading what she had to do.  Most of her targets didn't treat her in bed very kindly.  Mingmei got all the good targets, and Zize was sent to spy on and seduce mostly despicable ones.  However, the Hebbleskins launched a raid on the hotel, and started making off with victims.  They took the victims back to a compound in Idaho near the border with Montana - and began their usual ritual of Decolarent eam, eviscerate eum." Men deemed unworthy of service to Duke Arfaas had their guts sliced open.  Women, their heads chopped off. 

Zize soon found herself tied up and naked, surrounded by headless corpses, waiting in the blood and filth to learn whether she too would lose her head, or be forced to "serve" Arfaas!  Things seemed pretty hopeless...until resistance bombers created the distraction she needed to escape.

The wilderness proved a dangerous, scary new frontier for Zize.  Yet, she was as determined as the Sodality of Gerosha girls that she didn't even know about yet to learn how to survive - and make the most of her newfound freedom. 

The way she saw it, rule of law had crumbled.  The resistance could use her.  The Hebbleskins would likely kill her if given the chance.  No one from China was going to come and rescue her, except maybe Mingmei.  However...she finally had the freedom she wanted! 

Why throw it away, and go back to sexual slavery working for government superiors that barely respected Mingmei and didn't respect her at all?  Unless she contacted *someone* from her mainland country, she figured that all of China would assume she died in that camp, along with a lot of the other women that the Hebbleskins executed. 

If she waited too long to call for help, she'd be seen as a deserter, and could probably be returned to China and executed for desertion.  Unless she entered Toklisana illegally, no one was going to deport her.  So...why report her location at all?

As far as the world knew, Agent Honeypot Zize Choi was dead.  Yet, Zize finally had a solution to cure herself of her jealousy over Mingmei's promotion to "Stung Hornet": by using her new position to aid the local resistance as an excuse to build up a name for herself.  The local Hebbleskin affiliates soon grew to fear the freedom fighter locals referred to as "Plum Bixie."
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