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The Sims 4 Into the Future Conversions Stuff Pack

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Feeling nostalgic about The Sims 3: Into the Future, but not enough to go back to playing it?  If you started with The Sims 4, why should you have to? 

You can now recapture the aesthetic of TS3 ITF inside Sims 4, just by downloading this free packet of content conversions.


Games themselves are ® and © Electronic Arts.  Dozerfleet is not affiliated with EA Games.

Pack contains

- A wardrobe from the original expansion pack, with two of the original swatches restored.
- A dresser from the original pack
- Four (4) original pack wallpapers, plus custom recolor swatches
- High chair from the original pack
- Living room chair
- Dining room chair
- Solar panel flooring
- Futurist pavement terrain paint
- Jukebox
- Original pack bookcase
- Original pack desk


If you'd like the cars from that old game inside Sims 4 as well, you can get them separately from Nenpy at Tumblr.


The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack


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thank you so much! throw back lol

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I'm eventually migrating it to Dozerfleet Labs on Blogger. It'll be smaller, but with more integrity. Any objects cloned better by other modders, will be linked to. TheJim07 has been working on his own version, and he has far better skill with Blender.

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The jukebox seems to have some problems the lower LODs don't seem to be replaced and the spectacular map also seems to need replacing.
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Yeah, this is an outdated bit of pack.  I would re-make it, but most of the items have already been re-made, by TheJim07 on Mod the Sims.
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thanks! love conversions
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I only wish I could've converted more. But I'm clearly no master of the meshing arts, and Sims 3 is not friendly to the process. Especially not the rabbit holes.
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You are a genius. I miss so many things from TS3 (even seasons were a bit better to me but I love them in TS4 as well ;P).
Thank you.
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Thanks. But a real genius would've found a way to convert the rabbit holes to statues. I tried. I'm not that talented with Blender.
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You can always better your skills with time, don't worry ;)
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Do you have any of the lab machine stuff? Also looking for stuff from strangerville if you know where I can find items from there :)
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I made this before TS4 Strangerville was even announced.  So I really can't help with that.  The items above were those that my limited knowledge of Blender was able to replicate. 

There's a ton of stuff from TS3 I wanted to convert, but the way the UV maps were assigned made it prohibitively complex.  Rabbithholes were something I direly wanted to convert, but couldn't.
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Thank you so much!
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Welcome.  Glad to know someone actually noticed.
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Will there be more conversions?
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If I can accrue sufficient demand, or else need them for my own reasons.

Currently working on Emeraldon and Gray Champion costume parts, now that I have working Ciem suits, it's time other Geroshans had their outfits completed. Less time editing in Photoshop, and faster render outputs.
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