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Super LlamaDog: "Ahhhh!!!  Practice safe lunch, Rangers!  Always use a condiment!!!  You better get your Megazord to ketchup to me, cause I'm gonna relish your defeat!"

Vinny: "Are their puns always this bad?  And I thought my enemies and their sadistic blurbs were disturbing!"

Kim: "I don't know if you've ever fought anything like this."

Vinny: "Nonsense!  Raccglow looked this stupid.  And Strumpule was a giant dragon.  But...Gwirmalesh's monsters never get that big!"

Billy: "Alpha!  We're gonna need overrides on the Mastodon and Saber Toothed Tiger to form the MegaDragonZord!"

Vinny: "While I'm here, I'll see if I can get Selshon to interlock with your Tapestry!  It'd give your arsenal a boost, to say the least!  Make myself useful around here!"

Tommy: "It's worth a shot!  Alpha?  Is that doable?"

Alpha: "I'm trying!"

Vinny: "Too bad we don't have Grinodos here.  We could use a Master Weaver right about now!"
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