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Published: March 4, 2013
Scene from: "Pilltar 3"
Made with: "The Sims 2: Apartment Life"


The evil Scott Morrison of the cannibal cult defeated in the first story is simply determined not to give up. He hates and wants to murder everyone in any church that would dare criticize his lifestyle choices. And that includes criticism of his kidnapping and eating of teenage girls. Outraged that many of his followers were defeated by Pilltar, he longs to take his "rights" campaign to the next level. But when the power structures in Iowa begin falling apart as the nation disintegrates, he soon finds it easier to take other measures to get what he wants.

At one point, Seth Lambrelli dies. This forces Ron Barrin to have to agree with Stephanie to train as Seth's replacement to pilot Pilltar. Theresa Barrin, of course, is appalled that Stephanie works for and at times has lived under Seth's roof. And for Ron to agree to replace Seth leaves Theresa wanting a divorce.

Alas, she never gets the chance. Scott arrives and murders her, while trying to get to Stephanie. Increasing chaos and a takeover of the government by the Muslim Brotherhood force Ron and Stephanie to flee to those states that are seceding. So as they are leaving, they have to take all their Pilltar models with them. And Ron has to train on the fly how to be the kind of man that Seth hoped for.

Alas, Scott himself is not entirely dumb. He manages to get a hold of a defeated Pilltar body, and blackmails an inventor into reverse-engineering it to create Stagtar. With Stagtar at his command, Scott begins stalking Ron and Stephanie all the way into Texas, hoping to eventually do them in. Pilltar and Strawberry no longer fight to protect their community. They must now fight for their own survival.
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