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Spider-Gwen: Gratia Ruinam poster

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One criticism that the book Heroes and Philosophy by the Blackwell Philosophy Group once pointed out is that the show writers of Heroes often failed to read any actual comics before making a comics-based world.  Thus, stumbling on many of the same genre tropes, and handling them....very awkwardly. 
As I continue to write the Centipede and Fire Ciem trilogy, part of the Legacy volume to The Gerosha Chronicles, I've stopped to ask myself: have other comic writers told any stories similar to Candi's journey to Madison?
Turns out, many details of Candi's journey are uniquely a Dozerfleet thing.  However, there is one set of stories that comes close to being like Candi's, at least superficially.  Specific tropes, particularly in regards to how the heroine arri

Poster for: Spider-Gwen: Gratia Ruinam
Made with: The Sims 3: Into the Future and The Sims 4: Get Famous, with assistance from ReShade and Photoshop CS6


- Ciem: Inferno (Candi's predicament at the end is very similar)

- Ciem: Ash Cloud (the cat-and-mouse game with a villain is similar, but happens in a slightly different context)

- Spider-Gwen #33 (a soft adaptation)

- Spider-Man: The Animated Series: "Hydro-Man."

- Camelorum Adventures (the downfall of Gwen Indot)

- Sodality: Vindication (when Celia Winehart / Taterbug turns herself in.  For more on this, see "Taterbug in a Concrete Sack" in my gallery.)

- Swappernetters

(Gwen's guilt over the officer getting injured because she ran away is similar to Tabitha's feeling partially responsible for creating Bliksemhek, and for the latter's murder spree.  Both girls turn themselves in near the end of their story arcs, unable to make peace with themselves over their remorse otherwise.  In some ways, this makes Gwen more like Tabby than Candi, as Candi was less motivated by guilt over anything and more motivated by a desire to protect her godfather from needless harm and interference.  However, Candi is bug-themed like Gwen, whereas Tabby doesn't have an animal motif.)

Who could make this?

Possibly Sony.  Who else has the rights?  Netflix tried to work out a deal, but it didn't go anywhere.  My advice to Sony: take it or leave it.

It's a bit dark for a spin-off to Into the Spider-Verse, but could work out great as a standalone.

Plot synopsis (Certain details subject to change)

Chameleon wants revenge on police captain George Stacy for a previous interference that cost him a lot of money.  He also wants revenge on Spider-Woman for her past interference.  He doesn't know who she is, and decides to wait.  But he knows who Captain Stacy is, and decides the best way to get to destroy Stacy's family before finishing off Stacy himself.  His plan: poison his wife, then frame his daughter for a burglary!  And finally, discredit the captain himself.  Then kill the man who has nothing left!

Meanwhile, Em Jay's rejected former crush Morrie is reincarnated after an accident as Hydro-Man, and now he wants to use his new power to get even with the woman that went to such lengths to break his heart!  George suspects Chameleon's involvement, and even trips him up and reveals that he has a Gwen disguise!  But without the stolen loot, there is no way to prove that it was Chameleon that did it.  Meaning, Gwen is still a suspect!  The chameleon then kills George, as Gwen is too busy battling Hydro-Man to get to her dad in time to save him.  The NYPD chief responds by sending in loose cannon Frank Castle to head up the case.  However, Castle decides to go after Gwen first, then Spider-Woman, THEN Chameleon, whilst still oblivious to the threat Hydro-Man poses.  He makes a terrifying entrance into the Mary Janes band headquarters, bent on arresting Gwen.  However, he succeeds at holding down and interrogating Em Jay and Betty Brant.  Hydro-Man returns, and Spider-Woman has to get the Mary Janes out of harm's way while Castle tries to deal with Hydro-Man.  Disgusted by Castle's use of excessive force, Officer Jean DeWollfe calls Gwen, urging her to meet up with Jean and turn herself in, if only to get Castle pulled from the case.  Gwen tells Jean that she'll do it - but only when Chameleon and Hydro-Man are both taken down first.

Irritated that Gwen has given him the slip, and that Spider-Woman helped the two associates get away, Frank insists an APB be put out for both Gwen AND Spider-Woman!  Gwen distances herself from her bandmates after revealing her secret to them, believing she's caused them enough trouble.  However, she urges them to keep her number in case Hydro-Man returns. 

Her attempt to stay hidden as a civilian is soon thwarted, when she's recognized by an undercover cop at a restaurant.  He gives her chase when she resists arrest while insisting that she's innocent.  Hydro-Man and Chameleon both run into Gwen and the would-be arresting officer, each after Gwen but for a different reason.  Chameleon, to harm her so as to further damage the fallen Stacy's legacy, and Hydro-Man to interrogate her about Em Jay's whereabouts.  Castle's unit shows up, and Gwen gets away - but not without the officer dying in the line of fire as Castle and his men battle the two villains.  Horrified that she's responsible for that officer's death, she risks being captured as Spider-Woman to lure Hydro-Man away.  Castle kills Chameleon, but Hydro-Man escapes.  Gwen flees the scene.  She contacts Jean again, to discuss how best to defeat Hydro-Man once and for all - for her friends' sake.  She also confesses to fleeing the undercover cop, and promises she'll take up Jean's offer - once Hydro-Man is gone.  Kidnapping Em Jay and threatening the city's entire waterworks, Hydro-Man aims to up the stakes for everyone, until the world learns to respect him.

Exactly how Gwen defeats him is unclear and I leave that to Sony to figure out if they're interested.  But the Mary Janes will be in jeopardy quite a bit.  Unlike the Earth-65 comics, Gwen will be able to keep her Spider-Woman identity a secret to authorities.  However...her civilian form is off to juvie.  She knows it.  And by the end, she even tearfully hugs Jean when Jean comes to arrest her!  Em Jay insist Jean "take good care" of the band's drummer, that they "want her back in one piece" when it's time for her to get out.

Gwen reflects on how her fall from grace proved to be her finest hour, as her old friend Harry Osborn arranges to visit her in prison for an interview.  (Where she'll continue to hide the fact that she's Spider-Woman, but will otherwise begin explaining to him what happened.)

Who's in the poster?

On top, the officer is George Stacy.  Modeled after his Earth-65 form.  Hydro-Man is barely visible, but there.  The hockey mask-weilding foe is Chameleon.  I gave him a Nolan-esque treatment.

At the bottom, Gwen is overwhelmed with guilt and grief, contemplating her impending surrender to authorities while flashing police lights in the background allude to the fact that she's being hunted.
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