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Sodality Season 4 Wallpaper 3D Green-Magenta

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Scene from: "Sodality"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Pets" and "The Sims 2: Apartment Life"


Desperate given the failure of a lot of his plans to capture and contain the Phexos and Marlquaanites that do not support his causes, corrupt Judge Terry Beliah forges an alliance with the Phaletori. They give him an army of True Centhuens, which serve as his bodyguards in Houston. However, while the Centhuens trashing downtown may have been able to keep the army at bay, the legion specially protecting the area near Beliah's courtroom are in for a shock when the Sodality of Gerosha arrives - stronger and with more recruits!

Ciem, Emeraldon, Earwig, Jackrabbit, Mukade, Meerkat, and Botan the Plant-Man are back to finish the fight! Emeraldon's sometimes-friend, sometimes rival the Sapphire King has decided to join in. But adding to the Sodality's strength immensely are its newest recruits: the Legends! Extirpon, Gray Champion, Mapacha, Pilltar, Navyrope, and Strawberry have all decided to pitch in for the final battle.

Beliah should have known that with the Hebbleskin Gang on the run and Kerpher Gang defeated, he wouldn't have many allies left when 14 of the most dangerous heroes to have escaped his tyranny come looking to let freedom ring once again!
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