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Sodality Season 1 Wallpaper

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Published: January 8, 2013
Scene from: "Sodality"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Pets"

It is the year 2019. The fiscal cliff in 2013 was just the beginning. In 2018, the US broke into four nations. Those who registered for the free land of Toklisana, but were trapped behind the lines of Ameristan, were soon betrayed by the new regime. A small group of "Phexos" and their allies are trapped in Ameristan, which has turned into a giant police state making war on its own citizens.

Worse, the "Meethexos" created by the notorious Hebbleskin Gang are stalking Phexos and ordinary humans alike; as the Hebbleskins seek to destroy the nation of Toklisana and seize control of it for the evil Duke Arfaas.

Toklisanans trapped in Ameristan find themselves sandwiched between the threats of being wiped out by the Muslim Brotherhood or the Hebbleskins and their creations, with their goal being to escape to freedom.

However, all planes and trains outside of the most critical of cities have been grounded. Few roads are safe for driving on. Small towns, including the Christian small town values stronghold of Gerosha, have been made war on by the new regime. Most of southern Indiana has been reduced to heaping piles of rubble, and even the big cities are turning into dumps as evil triumphs within.

In the first season of "Sodality," a scattered band of freedom fighters tries to put their lives together amidst the ensuing chaos.

- Candi Flippo / Ciem: A near-20-year-old heiress to the fortunes of Stan and Shalia Flippo, town founders of Gerosha. She may be worth millions, but is a strong believer in "always live beneath your means." Since she must escape to Toklisana to claim her fortune, given the current climate, she is without most of her monetary resources. However, money is not what she values most anyway. She was born with the powers of a centipede, due to the Phaelites' experiments on her father.

- Imaki Izuki: An ally of Stan and Shalia Flippo back in 1990 when Gerosha was founded and the Hebbleskin Gang was first expelled. This Japanese inventor has good connections with the Phaelite aliens. Following the death of a minister he considered his equal, he has taken over being a mentor to the young Donte McArthur. He was also made Candi's godfather, a role he takes seriously.

- Donte McArthur / Emeraldon: An Emwault who can absorb energy from all around him and can make himself bullet-resistant. He can also fly due to this power. He is going on 25, and has lost pretty much everything. Candi and Imaki are all he has left in the world - them and their mission to lead the Exodus Agenda.

- Dolly Malestrom / (later on) The Earwig: A hot-headed newlywed with pigtails, whose honeymoon was cut short. Her new husband Jeraime was one of the smartest software engineers that the Exodus Agenda had. And he was abducted by the Hebbleskins over his involvement in "Project: Musaran." In spite not having any powers outside of the suit she only acquires later on, Dolly is willing to take outrageous risks to aid her friends. However, the death of her mother at regime hands has left with with only her husband left to look forward to - if she can rescue him in time! She has a vindictive side, and the Hebbleskins are about to learn that there's more to her than just the humble librarian that she was before Jeraime ignited a fire inside her.

- Miriam "Sniperbadger" Flippo (not pictured): A hacker who has been gangpressed by the Chinese government to help them battle the Hebbleskin Gang in her own way. She is Candi's non-superhero sister. But what she lacks in dodging bullets, healing instantly, and having stingers, she compensates for with her skills at breaking into sensitive code.

- Jack "Jackrabbit" Mercreek (not pictured): An Apache who can jump really high. His girlfriend Miranda has been abducted by a depraved Meethex-1 known as Don the Psycho. Not sure if she's still alive or not, Jack is bent on revenge.

- Steve McLaine: A scientist/adventurer who has also been gangpressed to work for the Chinese. He becomes Miriam's assistant, and much later on her husband. He helps her heal from the wounds of losing Phil Couric.

- Stung Hornet: A Chinese agent who has sworn to kick the Hebbleskins out of China for good. She has traditionally played the role of "honey trap," but realizes that isn't gonna work for much longer. She's become too well-known and has too much of a reputation now. She becomes a mentor figure for Miriam, who is in hiding as a Hong Kong resident named "Haishui."

- Black Rat: A Chinese agent who likes to negotiate situations. But he can be a good shot if negotiating proves impossible.

- Tin Dragon: Another Chinese agent, who doesn't mind using brute force as a first resort.

- Teal Hog: A bumbling Chinese agent whose clumsiness and kind demeanor are misleading. He can be pretty good at solving a case if push comes to shove. Tin Dragon can never figure out when Teal Hog is playing dumb and when he really is that dumb.

Can these eleven heroes and their allies defy a globe-spanning political crisis that they failed to prevent, even as supers like them are engulfed in their own war between two factions?
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