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Slaisionnach in the Moon Palace

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Just as Gwirmalesh was about to send Slaisionnach to steal more HanomCorp tech, the monster found himself in the most unusual place he could! 

Slaisionnach: "Wh...where am I?  I near-killed that man in the red pajamas, and now I'm here?"

Rita: "What?  WHO ARE YOU!?!?!?"

Slaisionnach: "Pardon the intrusion.  The Percolation Wave.  I'm not sure you've heard of it.  It has been sending my countrymen to where I know not.  You may call me...Slaisionnach!  For have love to slash throats of my enemies!"

Rita: "Slaisionnach?  Hmm...I like the sound of that name very much!  Red pajamas?  You almost had Jason dead to rights, and didn't finish the job???"

Slaisionnach: "The Spectral Hare Samurai was tougher than I gave him credit.  I would have gladly slashed the throat of that knight, Prince Volkonir!  Pestilence to my king, Gwirmalesh!  But the knight has also gone to where I know not!  And he has taken his HanomCorp whore with him!"

Rita: "Volkonir?  Knight?  You mean, the one that just destroyed my LlamaDog in only one kick???"

Slaisionnach: "He is very annoying, yes.  I would be glad to wreak havoc on the Earth of your dimension for you, and kill those others in pajamas.  I only ask that you help me slash the throat of the knight, and his whore!"

Rita: "Well!  If Super LlamaDog fails, I might have a job for you!  Goldar!"

Goldar: "Err....yes, my queen?"

Rita: "See to it that...Slaisionnach...is made comfortable!  He might just allow us to defeat those Rangers once and for all!"

Goldar (slightly jealous): "Durr....come with me!"

Slaisionnach felt that his only ticket to success now lay with appeasing his hosts.  Though, he would much prefer to return to his home dimension and help Gwirmalesh seize control.  But this pocket dimension seemed interesting.  And if he got to kill Volkonir, all the better!
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