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Send down SuperLlamaDog!!!

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Rita: "Finsteeerrrrrrrr!!!!  What was the meaning of that???"

Finster: "I...I have no idea, my queen!"

Rita: "What is Cortascius anyway?  And how did that knight defeat LlamaDog in only one kick?  He's now beating the snot out of Goldar!  And it's only a matter of time before the Rangers get here!  Even the girl with no powers is beating up the Putties just fine!  I want answers!!!"

Baboo: "Sheesh, Squatt!  I don't like the sounds of this new visitor!  He packs a mean one!"

Squatt: "Oooohh!!!  I wish I could get an armor upgrade like that!  I might actually get taken seriously for once!"

Finster: "If it pleases you, your majesty, I have the Super LlamaDog on standby, just in case of a moment like-"

Rita: "Send it then!"

Finster: "Right away!"

Rita: "And Squatt!!!"

Squatt: "Yes?"

Rita: "Don't ever mess up my main dress again!  I feel naked in this substitute!"
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