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No, but the design was inspired by Tobey Maguire Spider-Man.  The original take on it was created in The Sims 2 in September of 2005.  This take was made in Sims 3 with help from Photoshop CS2.

It's actually a centipede costume with a 5'4" Blasian woman inside (Candi Flippo "Levens", age 20), one that is going to college to become a crime scene profiler.  (Even though she has a...complicated relationship with the law herself.  If you go through my gallery, you'll see she's been arrested several times throughout her life, often on allegations that had flimsy-to-no evidence.)

The green eyepieces are clear on the other end, for minimally-skewered vision.  The mask also has comms inside.  She has "dart shooters" on both wrists, that project staple-like darts laced with centipede venom.  She also has biological stingers, and has other centipede-themed abilities that are very similar to what Spider-Man can do.  She can't stick to walls (even though real centipedes can), and she doesn't shoot webs.  However, she has Zeran teleporters for mobility, making her also a little like Nightcrawler.

She is part of a church (some have accused it of being a cult) called the Sodality Church, and also of a team of heroes called the Sodality.  They have two branches, the Gerosha branch and the Florence branch.  Each Sodality is divided into Modalities, which are usually the different family clans that make them up.  (Because of this, her team has been compared to the Mafia, however much they protest the analogy.)

Her Modalities are the Founding Elites and the McArthur Estate, the first because she was one of the first to be chosen as a Sodalist by Imaki Izuki and Wilbur Brocklyn (the ministers and "godfathers.")  The second, because she eventually marries Donte "Emeraldon" McArthur, and merges the McArthur and Flippo families' resources. 

Ciem has a counterpart with the Florentines: Feruga.  Feruga is almost the same, but wears a tan suit with turquoise trims instead of an orange suit with black, gold, and white trims.  Also, Feruga uses whips more often than dart shooters, making her move about like Catwoman.

Other centipedes worth noting: "Centipede" Charles Hammerstein (in WWIII,) Verdecent (John McArthur, Candi's son in the future), Ciem II (Dana McArthur, Candi's daughter many years in the future). 

Most Centhuen Prototypes have at least some ability to also be Ciem, but Candi is the first to be totally dedicated to it.  Most of them prefer to go into hiding.  Michelle Winston was Ciem for a while when Candi was on maternity leave, but re-designed the Ciem suit to become Feruga because she wanted a version of the suit custom-tailored to her specific skills. 

There are a lot of bug-themed heroes and villains in the Gerosha Chronicles:

- Ciem (centipede)
- Charlie (centipede)
- Feruga (centipede)
- Taterbug (potato bug)
- Pilltar (pill bug)
- Strawberry (pill bug)
- Pillcenary (pill bug)
- Strawcenary (pill bug)
- Strawforcer (pill bug)
- Earwig (earwig)
- Ponicatar (Japanese beetle)
- Milp (millipede)
- Nematode (emotion-themed, and nematode)
- Screwworm (spy-themed, and screwworm)
- Stagtar (stag beetle)

Non-bug themes:

- Time Capsule (nostalgia)
- Emeraldon (gems)
- Sapphire King (gems)
- Bearer of Hester's Locket (gems and Hawthorne mythology)
- Keet Kabo (parrots)
- Jackal Semicolon (lupines)
- Captain Aardwulf (lupines)
- Lobe (lupines)
- Wayne the Vampire (vampires)
- Don the Psycho (vampires)
- Rockpapsci (stone men)
- Socratic (stone men)
- Cupric (metal elemental)
- Extirpon (purple, fire elemental, and emotion-themed)
- Cocklebur (burs, emotion-themed)
- Spoliat (emotion-themed)
- Anarteq (aquatic)
- Becky Ryba (aquatic)
- Lionfish (aquatic)
- Marblefaun (stone men and Hawthorne mythology)
- Gray Champion (Hawthorne mythology, ghosts)
- Blackveil (Hawthorne mythology, ghosts)
- Feathertop (Hawthorne mythology)
- Oraphim (angels, and Hawthorne mythology)
- Shrouded Entity (Hawthorne mythology, darkness, demonology)
- Mapacha del Feugo (fire elemental, raccoons)
- Tabitha Pang, Sarah Ruben, and Tobias Reno in Swappernetters (fire elemental, speed, parkour)
- Purge-Flare (purple, fire elemental)
- Sniperbadger (badgers, hacktivism)
- Dollschief (mischief, children, dolls)
- Eqquibus (demonology, horses)
- Chillingworth (Hawthorne mythology, ice elemental)
- Navyrope (espionage and terrorism)
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Yeah, I got carried away.  Some say I should've been a teacher instead of an artist.  The reason you don't see more shots like this, is because of the editing time involved in making a Ciem suit.  Especially in 3D, as there is a 3D render of this same shot. 

Making a full-blown Ciem panel can take up to an hour of Photoshop editing to get right, since so many of the details would require me days of learning Sims 3 modding just to implement in the game, and might also require me to understand Blender 3D and meshing as well.  You can understand why I'd prefer to go the Photoshop route, as Sims 3 modding is one headache after another.  (Very bloated, broken game code.)

In 3D, a single Ciem panel can take up to 10 hours, if you work on it non-stop in one day.  This shot above took me I believe 3 days to finish, given all the effects added in.  That's why most of my concept art panels take place when Candi isn't wearing the suit, though in-story, she's in the suit an awful lot.  It's all about the edit times.
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Well I'm Autistic So i Can't handle This But Anyway Awesome Ideas!! Why Didn't You Made a Complete Series of it. Making Comics, Movies, games... Whatever!!
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I'm working on that.  It takes a very, very long time.  Especially for a one-man staff with little animation talent.  But trust me, I haven't given up.  Right now, I'm trying to find a better job.  The one I'm at right now....let's just say that the less said of them, the better.
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Good. Also a One-Man Staff can Make Something Big. *Points to Scott Cawthon*
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I don't have that level of programming talent, but thanks.
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