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Power Rangers 2017 download TS4 (see update)
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Published: April 17, 2017
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Alright, Simmers; it's morphin' time! 

Has your Sims 4 game been devoid of anything Power Rangers-related for far too long?  Now you can fix that.  These suits are Mighty Morphin' / Zyuranger-themed recolors of the Sixam alien suits from The Sims 4: Get to Work, combined with Grilled-Cheese-Aspiration at Tumblr's re-mesh of the DJ helmet from The Sims 4: Get Together

They are styled after the Power Rangers film released in the US on March 24th of 2017, but are not 100% identical replicas.

Included in download

• Multi-swatch recolors of male and female Sixam alien suits as two standalone files
    1.  Male file Red Ranger swatch
    2.  Male file Green Ranger swatch (for Tommy in the sequel)
    3.  Male file Blue Ranger swatch
    4.  Male file Black Ranger swatch
    5.  Female file Green Ranger swatch (for pre-corruption Rita)
    6.  Female file Pink Ranger swatch
    7.  Female file Yellow Ranger swatch
• Link to Grilled-Cheese-Aspiration's re-mesh of the Get Together DJ helmet (no shine, no LED)
• Link to Sims 4 Studio download
• Diffusion maps for adding recolor swatches to the GCA helmet
    1.  Red
    2.  Blue
    3.  Black
    4.  Green
    5.  Pink
    6.  Yellow
    (All helmet swatch recolor diffusion maps are unisex)

Not included

• GCA helmet actual re-mesh (per that download's rules on Tumblr, why link is provided instead)
• Weapons
• Zords
• Actual Sims of the Rangers themselves
• Zordon
• Alpha 5
• Rita
• Goldar
• Putties
• Townsfolk of Angel Grove
• Any sets of Angel Grove
• White Ranger suit or helmet
• Zeo Crystal
• Krispy Kreme
• Anything from the Aftershock comic book tie-in to the film, by Boom! Studios (e.g., the Hogan Twins)
• Any suits, helmets, or props of the original TV show

Note on emission maps

A custom emission map is applied to both the male and female suits.  Male suit chest diamonds will glow, female suit chest diamonds won't.  Female shoulders have a glow pattern that male ones don't have. 

Required third-party DLC

Grilled-Cheese-Aspiration's DJ Helmet Re-Mesh (link shortcut provided inside the ZIP file download below)

Required expansions

Get to Work (for the Sixam alien suit default mesh)
Get Together (for GCA's helmet re-mesh base code)

Download link

Power Rangers 2017 film suits at MediaFire

Side note

Look for these versions of the Rangers in Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers on Mod the Sims.

Update 12/24/2017: Here's a Christmas present for you all:

If you would prefer a more accurately-shaped helmet for the Rangers (albeit, with all helmets' designs just a color palette swap of Jason's,) then you may want AmiSwift's mesh on The Sims Resource here.

If you would like some suits that are more film-accurate than mine (but require more custom mesh load time on your game,) then she released these in August - just a few months after my set was created!
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please man,make available  to download mighty power rangers 93 utilized in Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers>>>modthesims.info/t/596109,I searched everywhere and did not find for the sims 4 =/
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BulldozerIvan|Hobbyist General Artist
That's a complicated one.  I have in my DzMD folder the suit mods for the '17 Rangers, but I also have a link to Ami's better versions of the suits.  And I believe also a link to download her versions of the 2017 helmets.  The helmets I utilized were terrible, because I didn't have access to Ami's version at the time.  As for the helmets on the front page?  Those were Photoshopped on from the toys.

For the '93 Rangers, I took the images from Google and Photoshopped them on.  That's why the '93 Rangers are seldom seen onscreen in their outfits, and why their head positions look funny.  I had to pose them according to whatever I could get to fit them based off of whatever I was able to nab off of Google.

I wish the meshes were real.  Would've made my Ranger scenes look much better.  Alas, I'm clueless at making meshes.

I was able to get the Emo Rangers' helmets, but that's only because they require a lot less custom geometry to approximate.

Masato (Spectral Hare Samurai) is actually a Sims 3 outfit that I transplanted in from Sims 3 screens.  He doesn't actually exist anywhere in Sims 4 in-uniform, in spite my making a sincere effort to translate the mesh between games.  He's as much an authentic part of Sims 4 as Roger Rabbit.

Volkonir's suit is a repaint of the Get Together knight outfits, plus some Photoshop effects.  Gwirmalesh, Hiktomoph, and the Gwirdon Treaders don't actually have mosquito eyes or mouths.  Those were Photoshopped in.  Their mouths were covered up and their noses were converted to proboscidae.  Purple eye bits making up the compound eyes were sometimes simplistically added and sometimes copied from Google images of mosquito eyes.

Likewise, the Megazord isn't actually in the scene.  I took a toy image from Google and 'shopped it in.  Now, if you visit the Gallery, I might still have Eduard Khil available for download.  And there are zillions of Donald Trump Sims. 

At the moment, I've taken a break from Sims.  I'm trying to remake some characters in GTA 5...and I'm getting mixed results.
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Hello my helmet does not work and i have the original mesh i do not Know what happens.Could You also make the power Rangers mighty morphin costumes and helmets?
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BulldozerIvanEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Step 1: Make sure you have Get Together for the helmet to work at all.

Step 2: You need Sims 4 Studio to import the diffusion maps as new swatches that Create-a-Sim will recognize.

Note: I cannot directly give you a pre-modded file of the mesh, per GCA's rules. Otherwise, I would.  (The Emo Ranger helmets have these same requirements to work right.)

As for your other concerns:

1.  The show Ranger helmets require a different meshing scheme, one that I lack the skill to construct in Blender.

2.  I could perhaps try to make my own takes on the show suits, but I can make no promises on quality.

3.  Others have made a 1995 film Black Ranger suit sans helmet.
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It works!!!! Thanks You!!!!
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BulldozerIvan|Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome.  Help spread the word.  :-)
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This is absolutely amazing, I love it! Great job! :D
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BulldozerIvan|Hobbyist General Artist
See the update I just posted.  AmiSwift liked my creation so much, she spent a considerable amount of time and lost sleep over four months after I created mine, just to come up with a better version.  I've included the links above to her version, which you can get at Sims Resource if you decide you like that version more.
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BulldozerIvan|Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks.  Still working on the promotional shots I need to put this on Mod the Sims.
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