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Pilltar 3D Red-Cyan

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Scene from: "Pilltar"
Made with: "The Sims 2: Apartment Life"


A sickly, obese, crippled inventor with a lot of time on his hands, Seth Lambrelli was rather disturbed by the criminal goings-on in his home town in Iowa. There was what some were calling a "cannibal cult" in town. Given its efficiency at not getting caught, he began to believe that these lowlifes were being funded by a politician who was in cohorts with them. But when he didn't trust anyone else, he used his time and money to develop a way to deal with them. A suit wouldn't give him back the use of his legs. But neither would a traditional remote-controlled machine.

No...drones weren't going to cut it for Seth. Instead, he developed an interface to put his own mind into a remote-piloted machine. A child-sized "mind suit," with a backpack full of features. Looking a little like a cross between a Tin Man and a Munchkin, he dubbed it the "Pill Bug Avatar," or "Pilltar," for short.

And so it was that Seth Lambrelli became the primary pilot of Pilltar, defender of Iowa. But will his invention save the lives of a wave of high school girls that have gone missing? And how does the blonde-haired Scott Morrison know where Seth Lambrelli lives? Will his new assistant, Stephanie Barrin, help him turn the tide in his crusade, while dealing with her clueless mother and the bizarre religious sect that has taken over her school, especially when they don't like the more-level-headed teachings that Seth has been feeding to Stephanie?
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